U.P & Manipur Elections will Disrupt and bring Changes from Israel/Arabia to Indonesia

https://badgesports.com/29261-cecon-price.html Muslim Women as Neo ‘Brahmins’ by “Karma”

With U.P elections, BJP has established 4 Varna System Power by proving Muslim Women as Neo ‘Brahmins’ by “Karma” !

http://www.polaco.com.au/12858-buy-flomax.html Relationship between Ram & Kevat should Kill any Leftist Crib

Also U.P Proved that Lord Ram-Kevat-Nishad Raj operated as a Team, each doing his own “Karma” as per 4 Varna System

No one,either Ram or Kevat, cribbing that one kept the other Poor, this crib or corruption was started by Buddhist viharas.

the Corruption in “Dharma” brought by Buddhist Viharas,going till date by all Non-BJP parties

Next will be to Promote OBC Muslims like Naai,Julaha etc and get them their Rights from Saudis/Iranians & even Pakistanis !

http://beverlyhillscollars.com/97890-himcolin-gel-price.html U.P Results will Disrupt from Israel/Arabia to Indonesia.

One of My Dream in ihindutva.com will be fulfilled !

Next will be to Unite Stalin’s Communism with Hindutva as both are the Power of 4 Varna System !

Stalin should be BJP’s first Maarg-Darshak !

North East guys Love Lord Ram brand Hindutva I.e “Love with lots of Rogue Charm “. You can be a bit Rogue for their Love, while upholding “Dharma”


e.g at a Company party one Manipur Massager offered to do “Sh*g” me for Rs 2000,but then her hidden Wish was, that i would refuse and pay her some Money !I did exactly the same !

Paid her Rs1000. They Love Rogue Charm, Upholding “Dharma” like this !

So follow “jaaki rahi bhaavana jaisi,prabhu moorat dekihi…..”

tiova inhaler price BJP dominating North East with U.P as Centre will bring Lord Ram era of Hindutva 

With Strategic-Changes from Israel/Arabia to Indonesia,without much violence & Deaths unlike the World Wars

voltaren gel usa restore North East needs this Lord Ram style “Hindutva” Kick

Congress can’t give it, Reason they converted, adopted Militancy . Congress who declares Lord Ram to be Fictional can never give that Kick to North East, only BJP can.

Saudi Arab & most Arab Nations need to be taught Ideology of Lord Ram !

i.e when you make such huge number of Poor to follow your Faith,Dharma,Ideology whatever !

You need to serve them like Lord Ram shared his Ring with Kevat in time of poverty.

You have to Care for them like Kevat and give them your Gold Ring when you are really even Poorer than Kevat !

But for this we need 30-40 yrs BJP Rule and with Diggi guiding Modi ji & BJP, Congress can’t think beyond petty Greed & Jealousy !

iq option review U.P Regional  http://www.pavegreen.org/vioper/4210 Parties cant be as Corrupt as South ones

Good ! Modi-Yogi ji must not allow U.P based Regional Parties and its Cronies to become Corrupt like South Indians one !

South Indian Parties can divide a State for Greed of Hyderabad Real Estate ! U.P and India cant afford that !

So max only Transfer-Posting money must be allowed ! No Grand Corruption. IAS officers themselves never make big money ? How can they alow Smaller ones to be Billionaire !

Modi-Yogi combine has to groom Yadav ji for next level of Leadership ! Not to compete with Congressis in Grand Corruption,

But to ask Right Questions , e.g why Saudi Arab,Iran not paying the same Price for Imperialism which Europeans paid ?

Why are Saudi Arab/Iran paying the Cost of Muslims having extra Kids !

Yadav ji has to Scale up else they will turn Jokers like Diggi etc

look at this now Showing U.P backward is  dating website portugal Cottage Industry


U.P is among the top contributors to Kerala ! U.P must be top 3 Tax Payer state too, if you add GST and Petrol-Diesel Tax.

U.P like a Giant sleeping for ages ! It was forced to appear more backward than it actually is coz it gives Orgasms to Congressis , Lefties, Media.

Whole industry runs on painting U.P as Tax-Money Sucker, backward ☺

U.P Rising will change the World without much violence. It was rising in 1990s but sadly Atal ji only slowed it by promoting Mayawati etc, being too soft on Media etc.

Yogi ji and Modi ji will ensure that (Ayodhya-Seoul) turns Greater U.P !

U.P Police gives 1 day salary to Kerala . With 2 lakh policemen and avg salary Rs 500 per day, its around Rs 10 cr.

Along with Rs 15 cr by Govt, U.P crosses even Telangana in Aid .

Hopefully now Kerala Journalists based in Noida cover U.P with more Objectivity ! They must appreciate rising of a sleeping Giant since ages.

dating sites falkirk U.P can redefine the meaning of Religion and help the world solve most of the Conflicts

Modi ji has a great Timing in his Political Slot. By making a Muslim Journalist resign, he is making a Muslim women remember “Durga” !

Most of the journalists involved in http://gamginc.com/?viopwas=01net-site-de-rencontre&7ae=2d #MeToo are from the most Intellectual states or the most Backward States e.g Jatin Das or Alok Nath Jha !

None from U.P.Coz “U.P ke Ladke” know that “No means No”. They are suave,sophisticated,practical etc,etc. U.P ke ladke focus more on “Shabari” kind Maids,eat their “Jhoothe Ber “,than chasing Rich Women OR “U.P ke Ladke”  do “Raas-Leela”  with Consent .

U.P guys are  practical in all aspects including Religion, e.g i dont it Non-Veg in Navratri but if it is served free in business meeting or in flight,then i gulp it  but U.P guys like me know what is true Dharma coz they are screwed maximum by Grahas,Goddesses, Past bieth Karma etc,etc..,They know Remedies ,’Tantr-Vidya’ too ☺

U.P was sleeping like a Giant since ages.It needs to wake up for mankind, but for that you need to finish  duplicate  “U.P ke ladke”  like Papou,’Toti-chor’ along with “Daulat ki beti” etc,etc

Jai U.P, Jai BJP ruled states.

klagenfurt dating Discovery of India Writers who wrote book to hate U.P, stuck to it like Pests


Great. Congress,Media,Luytens etc just cant digest anything good happening to U.P. Real Enemies of U.P and India.

Imagine Pakistan has 400 fighter planes and we have just 700, not 7000 & mostly Crashing ! U.P was backward, but this is what Progressive guys,Writers of Discovery of India have done to us ? Stick to U.P like Pest !

Uttar Pradesh rising like a Giant after 5000 yrs of Sleeping will dusrupt from Arabia to Indonesia and Ayodhya to Seoul. Just support Modi ji.

Jai Uttar Pradesh. Its a Giant rising after 5000 yrs of Sleeping .

U.P will do wonders, disrupt from Arabia to Indonesia, Ayodhya to Seoul. It will build 10000 Fighter Planes/Tanks etc too with Defence Corridor.

Sadly “Discovery of India” writers who wrote books to mock U.P, stuck to it like Pest  for votes, their Clan dtill doing it. Modi ji liberated it.

je cherche une femme chinoise pour mariage U.P will shift India to Soviet Union.USA type big Nation


So much belief in the System,Police even by the Sex-Workers ! Jai Modi,Jai BJP,Jai U.P. Unimaginable earlier.

Luytens living in Noida comfortably, spit on U.P, little realizing that BJP Online Warriors have turned Indian Poor into American/Russian by Soul.

Now they need One Nation -One Election, Presidential form of Govt,so that rather than fightinng for saving 4 districts of Kashmir, we add more Land/Nations to the ndian Union.

Parliamentary firm of Govt is for small Nations.India has almost 0 diversity. Modi ji must not care for Regional Parties. All their 5000 exploitation or Pride stories is just for few $$$. Buy them out or call Dr. CBI !