Shivraj Chauhaan should be the PM Candidate from 2024-2034

Bachelor PM Weak against Media,Elite

Reason I say Shivraj should be PM Candidate with Devendra Fadanvis as his Deputy from 2024 to 2034.

He will teach USA to do “Aaarti” of Maa Mississippi to generate Jobs.

No Bachelor or “Brahamchari” PM from BJP till 2034. Only those with Beautiful Wives can crush Luyten Ecosystem Ruthlessly !

Delhi Weakens “Brahamchaaris” ! Luyten Ecosystem appear family !

dating mitchell fishing reels other hop over to this site sie sucht ihn querfurt rencontre du 4eme type alaska willhaben bekanntschaft dating baseball bats Yogi must focus on Religious Tourism

Yogi ji must focus on making U.P beat Saudi Arab & Vatican in terms of Religious Tourism for both Hinduism & Buddhism !

Buddha became Buddha in U.P, Died in U.P !

U.P covers both Hinduism & Buddhism . So Yogi ji must ignore Samajwaadi urge  to become PM and Focus on promoting Religious Tourism.

First Shivraj and then Yogi as PM Candidates

Shivraj Chauhaan has real Western Soft Dictator style ! Look the way he serves Food to Tulasi Gabbard !

2024 to 2034 it should be a married PM with beautiful Wife i.e either Shivraj or Devendra Phadanvees

Yogi ji post 2034 only, first he has to fix U.P & then lot of Religious tasks including making U.P bigger than even Saudi Arab or Vatican in terms of Religious Tourism for Hinduism & Buddhism

A PM with beautiful Wife will be harsh towards Media,JNUites !

A Bachelor & “Brahamchari” PM gets orgasm  on seeing Luyten Media with a Mike & Camera !

Shivraj can handle Judiciary and Leftist Intellectuals well

Sivraj as PM from 20224-2034, after Modi ji retires for 10 yrs, then Yogi or Devendra from 2034 till 2044

A Nation which can’t take 4 hours Crackers, how will it take bombing or ISIS ? “Me-Lord” will shift sides , find virtue I ISIS, what will rest do ?

Yogi like Modi ji wont be able to finish Media, Luyten Ecosystem. So Shivraj has to clean it up !

They can always make a BRD Hospital issue a big Story & negate all the good Work of Yogi like they do with Modi,

while Shivraj can digest all Encounters, make Media guys Story themselves !

Devendra & Shivraj will win over even genuine Liberals in long run

Mumbai Women Police dont drive Pink coloured Vehicles. They drive big SUVs ??  Routine Policing must be done by Women with support. Male Cops must focus on Hard Criminals/Terrorists & Encounters !
Devendra Fadanvis/Shivraj Chauhan  must be PM/Deputy PM mates from 2024-2034 like USA President-Vice President pair.
Yogi ji must remain a Bigot forever ! No Upper Caste NOTA lover should be able to ever mock him. No position should ever dilute him ! Unadulterated !
Jai Maharashtra/Jai M.P/ Jai U.P/ Jai Bharat !
Devendra Fadanvis has done best under the toughest situations

“Life mein Aurat hona jaroori” …Devendra Fadanvis makes his beautiful wife do little “Jesus” stuff and fools Media !

Media not realizing, what ‘Damage’ Fadanvis had done. He has made Muslim Leaders love Shivsena, thinking they are fighting BJP  Destroyed whole Urban Naxal Ecosystem etc,etc beside solving Farmers issues.

Bachelor PMs wont be able to control Media as Lucknow Shooting incident,BRD issue shows, they should focus on strengthening Hindutva.

2024-2034 PM Candidate(s) should have beautuful wives.Yogi ji post 2039 only. Jai Maharastra,Jai M.P,Jai U.P,Jai Bharat !