Selling Mother Teresa,Buddha won’t get Jobs in USA. Only Fighter Gods like Mahadev will !

i have been dating a guy for 4 months quebec sites de rencontres Old Service Sector Model of Engagement with Americans won’t Work

flirten mit verheiratetem mann Kanas Shooting Incident pointed out one very important  aspect, that the days of the traditional Engagement mode of Indians with Americans is done with.

partnersuche info No longer we can act Cute Selling Mother Teresa and Buddha and snatching all the Jobs there.

Indian Shot at Kanas

robot option rencontre online gratuit Generate Jobs for Americans rather than just Sucking Money

Indians are Rich now after last 25 years of Economic Reforms. Why go to USA for Study ?

Rather use your Dad’s 6th Pay Commission Salary and Bribes to do Start-Ups and give Small-Time jobs to Americans

but only Short term like a Grand-Pa who lives for small Time ! Only Tactical, Strategic Engagement, else you will be screwed !

Indians can’t act Cute now, selling Buddha,Mother Teresa and snatching all the Jobs !

While Indian Govt not even importing Chicken Legs from USA for appeasing the Muslim Votebank  ?

America needs only Fighter Gods Worshipers now like Mahadev ! Ultra Communal !They generate Jobs and never Snatch it !

Selling Mother Teresa,Gandhi wont get Jobs in USA


Time for Buddhist-Evangelist mix Politics which Congress,Socialists,Leftists,Media do is over now

Harming India since 2500 yrs. Mother Teresa,Buddha etc won’t get Jobs now in USA . You can’t Snatch Jobs faking as Weak !

America and India need Fighter Gods like Mahadev who generate Jobs. Mahadev was common or Dev-Daanav & anything Exotic.

Learn More Here A little bit Touch of Hinduism to USA will generate huge Jobs

if Modi ji Convinces Trump to do such Aaartis of Maa Mississippi , Maa Missouri in USA ?

Imagine the small time Jobs generated in USA..and Respect for India,always look from Eyes of Muslim Women, not their Male Folks !

Time Hindus think big rather than showing ‘Buddhist’ Small-Time Smartness in saving some Rs100-200 which a Poor Brahmin “Panda” makes !

fille a rencontrer RSS must became a bit American to attract Mass

Modi ji must not pit Smriti against Rahul Gandhi, who is Visionary !

Boundaries of Nations will be blurred e.g between India & USA. If RSS allows Women in Shorts,

then it can Win over lots of Judeo-Protestant ,Pagan,Atheist population in West !

If not that far then at least in India, RSS & BJP will win over Anglo Indians . Rahul ji always does good for BJP.

Remember if Bollywood shows Thakur as Villain or Dacoit then it also shows Anglo Indian Women in Shorts  with the Drunkard Dad !