Indian Economy has to be the Improvised War Time Soviet Model ibride rencontre buffon site rencontre telephonique quebec agence de rencontre gaspГ©sie dating for single parents usa bdswiss kosten flirten schУМchterner mann site rencontre gratuit haute savoie dating for graduate students Real Estate in India must be Regulated

Wandering through concrete Jungle of Gacchibowli like Amol Palekar ! looking to snatch a small House like Monkey ! “Ayodhya” Model !

But Modi ji must regulate Real Estate ! Economy & Jobs will Improve, coz lot of Money will be freed to be spent ?

India is too small in size compared to USA. Even for the Villages, promote up to 5 Floor Aptments, Free the land for Agro Economic activities.

Nehruvian System snatched “Thakur’s” Lands,Haveli etc , but couldn’t manage the Land well , either in Cities or in Villages !

Congressi Buggers have earlier Lost 1/3rd Land to Pakistan too !

Communism and Hindutva are same Ideologically

Modi ji proving my Political Ideology i.e (Communism==Hindutva )

Freebies are not bad, if that makes the guys Work Hard,e.g Electricity in house will make few Poor study,sew etc,etc ! Unlike MNREGA !

My aim is to unite Communism & Hindutva but finish Maoism. That would be real bliss ! Ambani, Adani  etc are real Soviet Model

Indian Economy can’t just grow Linearly

Unlike Western Capitalist World,Indian Economy must not grow always, it will bring down inflation & most needed , the Real Estate prices !

Like Soviet Union, India has to be militarily 2-3X times stronger than China &( all Arabs+ Pakistan ) together, Economy will be automatically align along for good.

Indians have great skill of saving Jobs,even Pvt School Jobs they are now doing for 15-20 yrs ! Just they must be saved from Real Estate Prices.

Only Buggers who Loose Jobs is IT guys ! But by getting Vishal Sikka out, Modi ji has turned Infy also to Soviet style ! Rest will follow !

Vishal Sikka getting Ousted has Secured crores of Jobs

Great ! Just the CRPF & State Armed Police should be enough to eliminate any ISIS or Maoisim ! Put them under Army’s Command directly

Ignore Yashwant Sinha kind 3rd World Middle Class Jealous Jokers ?

Throw some Middle Class bone like some Govt Committee position and they will be happy !

Any Economic downturn, only Software guys loose Jobs  but Media/Intellectuals with the most stable jobs  only crib !

And I am happy that by getting that stinky Crony Capitalist demon Vishal Sikka Out, Modi ji has saved/extended crores of Jobs ! true Soviet Model !

Rest Rajdeep Sardesai’s Rs 52 cr House becomes worth Rs 50 lakhs, I would be least bothered with it !

then I too could purchase a good flat in Hyderabad for just Rs 15-20 lakhs ? Isn’t it Good ?

Some Tough decisions like War Time Soviet Union took, are indeed  needed

I am not into conspiracy theories but till the Bullet Train Project is cancelled ,such incidents will be orchestrated !

This happened due to Rumor  & Panic spreading, earlier it was De-Railing

Solution is few Encounters of the Professional Gang doing these things .

Also jail the Officials who delayed despite Rs 11 cr sanctioned. Bullet Train money Japan is giving for Bullet Train only,nothing else.

Agree with Raj Thakrey here. Bullet Train must be between Lucknow and Delhi with stoppage at Kanpur ! U.P is ready for Bullet Train

Modi ji & BJP sometime think like “Baniya” as Pakistanis call,

Too much Cost-Benefit analysis ! No quick Patch Work !

Bullet Train is like a “Yajna”, It needs Blood or “Bali” !

Any Rail Road, even in USA in 1860s left a “Trail of Blood”  !

Train to Siberia too did same ! Modi ji has to do Encounters of a lot of miscreants, shoot 1000s before Bullet Train Runs !

By doing it like a “Baniya”, Modi ji tries to prove that Marshal Stalin was a villain ! Wrong ! He was BJP’s first “Maarg-Dashak”.