India shouldn’t Compete on Economy but be 2X-3X times more Powerful Militarily than China

mon ex est sur des sites de rencontre site de rencontre gratuit non payant tunisie No Lessons learnt from 1962. India should be 2X Strong Militarily

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pop over here No,Lessons still not learnt .India has to be militarily 2X-3X times Stronger than China, coz Chinese can surrender to anyone and make them appear powerful

e.g Chinese surrendered to Japanese in WW2 & to Maoists in 1950s, which India has defeated successfully,

but still lot of Congressi influence & “Baniyagiri” there e.g Stopping Ration for Officers  by even Modi Govt !

India must not try to compare on Economics with China !

kostenlose flirt abenteuer Ram Bhakts can’t Compromise on Military Power or Weapons

“Ram-Bhakt” party must behave like Lord Ram days !. People like Lord Ram himself,Hanuman,Parshuram etc were poor but never Short of Weapons or Military Skills/Tactics !

Economy Growth now only will make Real-Estate costly along with other Consumables .Govt must regulate Real Estate,

Rest all will fix. India is small in size , So skill them well & migrate them too !

Just looked for House-Rates in Aparna County,Miyapur Hyderabad ! Rs 2-3 cr for Houses ! Service class can’t Digest this ?

Have to go in “Ayodhya” mode, where nobody actually buys Real Estate or most of things . Its Granted with Love or Snatched like Monkeys do !

binäre optionen newstrading China’s Boasting must be Checked

China boasted that its forces can reach Delhi in 2 Days ! Now taking 2 months  to even clear Dokhlam ! It happens when Mafia Maoist syndicate crushes weak people & rule !

Criminal People Party founded by Criminal Mao time is over !

Modi ji’s strong position will trigger a “Chain of Actions”, triggering China’s People Party Collapse,

Freeing of China for Indians to do business with ! Shanghai being new Mumbai for “Bhaiyas” ! !

Any Military Action, India has to ensure 5000+ Chinese Soldiers die or taken POW,.Indian Army is used to casualties.

But after this Crisis, Modi ji must Crush Media/Leftist guys ruthlessly like Stalin ,those who can’t support even in time of War make max noise !

rencontre coquine oise Mafia Syndicate Communist Party of China’s Time is over

“Bhaiya” Workers from U.P-Bihar have to go to Shangai,Beijing for Jobs ! Bombay is outdated now !

That level of integration between India-China needed. But for that the Criminal People Party has to go.

Unlike Russian Comrades who were a benign Dictatorship in War Time , Chinese People Party are Criminals

People Party crushed people in Peace Time , they have to Go. few more Nations Standing against China. Their Army will Kick-Out People’s Party !

India must not try to compete with China financially but militarily it must be 3X Strong than China as British have kept it in WW1 & WW2

Stupid Congress,Leftist Media do reverse India’s Strength ! British were Smarter !

read here Korea and Pakistan will bring down China

North Korea & Pakistan , the 2 Illegitimate kids of China will bring down & break China and end of Maoist Rule.

Mao was a Criminal who polluted the name of Russian Comrades & purity of Communism by crushing its people in Peace Time !

Hindutva & Communism will unite (“sabka saath sabka vikaas” ! )