Firing Vishal Sikka is Great Step towards ending Crony Capitalism by Mr Narayan Murthy

dating asian guys youtube er sucht ihn für sie Narayan Murthy,Nandan Nilekeni the usual Gandhian Congressis have done something Good first Time

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yuma hookup I usually dislike Narayan Murthy & Nandan Nilekeni for being typical Congressi

Asked Modi ji on FB to ignore NRN and not give him any “Bhaav”, probably Modi ji read my Post &just ignored him !

but this is a good decision ?, Vishal Sikka kind of Crony Capitalism can’t work in India, specially Services Industry.

Desire to cut down people to sustain your own Compensation, tickle Stocks etc wont work with huge Workforce.,he has to Go !

Service Sector Boss should be like my ultra beautiful, “Pyaar ki Badariya” Wipro Boss ! who was not so Rich,Not so Greedy,but best Coach,Trainer,Feedback giver I ever had.

Out of 20 yr Career , i fould Wipro Managers to be best. 1.4 yr with my “Pyar ki Badariya” boss .

She saved me Rs 1 cr+ US MBA. I feel my loop is complete to be Infosys CEO ! Vishal Sikka has the Usual Traits of Bad Crony Capitalists

Vishal Sikka was Evil Crony Capitalist at a wrong place which could Harm Masses,Society

Narayan Murthy has done 1 great Job in Life. Now Modi ji must give him some “Bhaav”. Kudos to Mr Murthy ?

I Love Crony Capitalists,Crooks etc,etc but at Right Place only. For very small Companies only,Crony Capitalism should be tolerated.

Business matters, but Huge Service Sector requires my Wipro Beautiful type Bosses who are like “प्यार की बदरिया ”  though maintaining very high Top-Notch performance !

My Wipro Boss was a Living & Moving  MBA School ! No Greed,Content,Spreading Peace !

Infosys approves up to $2b buyback of shares at 24.57% premium

rencontrer fille de l'est en france Narayan Murthy joins the exclusive Club of Ambani,Adani by this act

Great,Now Mr Murthy behaves as “Seth ji” after getting rid of that evil Crony Capitalist “Munim” Visual Sikka who was disturbing,destroying service sector ! “Munim” is always the “Haraa**”  guy !

Modi ji & BJP must now give Mr Murthy respect like Ambani,Adani.Involve him & Nandan Nilekeni heavily in Govt matters !

At this stage, even Projects, Technology R&Ds in Defense,Sanitations,Infra,Energy etc from India only can be run by Infosys.So much Work !

I keep saying, repeating again, Service Sector now needs my Beautiful,Spreading Peace,Grace,Non-Greedy “Pyaar ki Badariya” kind of Wipro Boss for next 25 yrs . Good for India !

Visual Sikka kind of evil Crony Capitalists needed in Start-Ups,Small Firms, where if they Con,then someone just sells his Underwear too !

official website Murthy,Nilekeni taking Ownership like Ambani,Adani

Great…Modi ji must give same respect to Infy Founders as he gives to other “Seth jis” e.g Ambani,Adani

“Munshi” or Professional CEO is the Rascal ! “Seth ji” is like “Devata” !

I have spent most of my Life in small Crony Capitalist Set-Ups, Service Sector giving huge no of jobs cant be spoiled like them.

Infosys just have to sell few Campuses, Make ppl Work from their Home, Fix office Hours,Snatch Laptops..De-Glamorize it.

My beautiful Wipro Boss used to work from home at 1/3rd salary. But she was instant available for any mail, situation , then one day when she used to come to office ! Felt Divine !