BJP should convert more to “Janeudhaaris” like Rahul, generate Respect for “Bhakts”

Results as per my Wish. Best is Chandrababu Naidu defeated and shamed in Telangana for sleeping with Congress. KCR could be new Naveen Patnaik. Also BJP can convert Jagan and partner with him in A.P

Janeudhaari Rahul
Why can’t Jagan be a Janeudhaari ?

If Rahul can become “Janeudhaari” Brahmin, so could Jagan Mohan.He has to avenge his Dad & is not Shameless like Sachin Pilot,Jyotiraje Scindia ☺ BJP has to just Convert him like Rahul. “Dharma-Raksha” first.

Tamil Nadu ones will support anyone who is cloe to form Govt . So NDA will do good in South. Also SC-ST act and Upper caste voting against BJP ensured that BJP can never be branded as Anti-Dalit.

BJP must shame Congress on Farmers issue and Modi ji must Crush Media, Luytens etc Ruthlessly for 4 months. 2019 is sure.

I can feel that Modi ji was soft on Rahul for last 4 months, Love for his mother ? Giving him scope and importance. But now Raffale,Suit-Boot kind stupid allegations must be crushed.

I am happy, even if BJP looses all 3 states as it will be bust the NOTA Lovers ,Liberals,Farmers, Minority etc,etc all kind of Dramas & will satisfy typical Indian’s Jealousy and Looser Mindset !

Atal ji won Semifinal in 2003, but lost in 2004. Modi ji is smart, now he should be very Aggressive, Lot of Action must happen.

6 months, no Development. People can go to fields for Toilets ☺ Only Politics, Politics and more Politics !

Modi ji must also present a Coalition face. Throw some Biscuits to Yashvant Sinha-Shourie-Shatrughan types. Show that he has became humble ! Lead a Coalition in 2019 ?

BJP must generate Respect for the Bhakts

As I have written , Shivraj Chauhaan or Devendra Fadanvis should be PM Candidates from 2024-2034.

Yogi ji has to really prove that Hanuman was a Tribal, who rose to level of being Lord of Ayodhya by his skill.

Hindus themself dont want to justify their Epics scientifically and want want Congress-JNU to mock them ! Yogi ji will fix it.

People here mock BJP “Bhakts”, not realizing that BJP Warriors are mature like George Washington or Russian Comrades.

You can be without “Khujali” & Intellect Arrogance and give Modi ji 2 terms like USA, if not like Russians who gave Stalin and Putin.

No surprise, Indians & Hindus never Scaled in Medieval Period ! None occupied Australia or Arabia or Central Asian Republics ?

Even for the so called “Secular” 160 seats Club, Modi only be the PM

Kamalnath is a ‘Hands -On’ Rioter ! He neutralizes any 2002 In-Action accusation on Modi ji. Though 200 Rioters were shot by Police in 2002

Though feel bad for Shivraj but now even if BJP gets 160 seats then also Modi ji will be PM in 2019. For 2024, it should be Shivraj.

Even 160 seats, Secular Club is lead by Modi ji now ☺

So Mitron, “bina kisi sansay, bina shikva aur poore seva bhaav se Modi ji ko PM banayen”

So Mitron, “bina kisi sansay, bina shikva aur poore seva bhaav se Modi ji ko PM banayen”

 Yogi Adityanath must be a Pinch-Hitter or an Antibiotic to Hindu DNA Sickness

BJP & Yogi ji must produce lot of “Janeudhaaris” . Also if Rahul can turn “Janeudhaari”,

why cant Jagan Mohan Reddy or few from Pakistan ?
Congress Cheats Regional Parties in this too ☺ Luxury of turning Brahmin,Muslim,XTian etc,etc as per need ?
Assembly elections have eliminated any anti-incumbency.Now with even 160 seats, Modi only will be PM. “Secular bhi Modi,Communal bhi Modi”
2024-2034, it will be Shivraj/Devendra as PM Candidate…
Yogi ji will be a “Pinch Hitter” or “Antibiotic to cure Hindu DNA”. He should have big targets like Converting most of Asia to be “Janeudhaaris” ?

Yogi Adityanath is a “Pinch Hitter” to bring Changes like changing Hindu DNA

Yogi Adityanath is a “Pinch Hitter”. He is supposed to bring these kind of very very big Changes but without much Violence?

Hanuman & Shri Ram are global Icons, not Prophets. They are “Man of Action”, can be adopted by anyone.Even Goddess Durga too.

All this will finish Congressi,Socialist,Gandhian,Sufi,Leftist,Ambedkarite,Joshua,’Mool-Nivaasi’,Dravidian Politics?

Reason typical U.P mistake should not be done with Yogi ji.Dont make him PM Candidate ?. For that follow Modi-Shivraj-Fadanvis Chain

A Tribute to Sridevi

Arabs can’t produce a Sridevi, who is living “Chandamama”

Lot of such posts where Sridevi’s Death is compared with Syrian Kids. Mostly Pakistanis doing it !

Question is why Arabs can’t produce their own Sridevi ? So that guys don’t have to blast themselves to get one in heaven.

But Modi ji is solving the issue ,by promoting Shazia Ilimi type leaders, which will motivate Arabs to get their own Sreedevi,

but the Process will take 45-50 yrs & some Violence (Wars, Terrorism etc.)

Beautiful Southie Women, if you don’t marry her, Drives you to Hindutva

Secular Politicians invent reasons for not celebrating Holi ! This time they must try it for Sridevi

Beautiful Southie Women, if you don’t marry her turns like a Mother & Drive you to the Path of Hindutva  as she is Living “Chandamama” book

I have now even stopped watching songs in morning & night on TV.

I think last 7 years ,my ex Wipro Boss drove my Soul to Hindutva !

Turned me into Online Warrior ? Gave Troll Power ? My Wipro Boss, a Telugu Brahmin,. looked like Sreedevi.

Sridevi was  Mother of Older BJP “Bhakts”. Practical Hindutva Nationalist !


Sridevi’s House. Unlike 1 month back,Taxi guys know & Guards too accept

When Congressi Ecosystem used to prove that India’s Enemies lived outside in Islands, Dream of slaving India,

but Cheap enough to mix Pebbles in Wheat,Rice etc !

Sridevi in Karma used to expose that how her Congressi Uncle is the bad guy or in Mr India on what a good but practical Journalist must be .

Women do things unconsciously but it drives others !

Indian Economy has to be the Improvised War Time Soviet Model

Real Estate in India must be Regulated

Wandering through concrete Jungle of Gacchibowli like Amol Palekar ! looking to snatch a small House like Monkey ! “Ayodhya” Model !

But Modi ji must regulate Real Estate ! Economy & Jobs will Improve, coz lot of Money will be freed to be spent ?

India is too small in size compared to USA. Even for the Villages, promote up to 5 Floor Aptments, Free the land for Agro Economic activities.

Nehruvian System snatched “Thakur’s” Lands,Haveli etc , but couldn’t manage the Land well , either in Cities or in Villages !

Congressi Buggers have earlier Lost 1/3rd Land to Pakistan too !

Communism and Hindutva are same Ideologically

Modi ji proving my Political Ideology i.e (Communism==Hindutva )

Freebies are not bad, if that makes the guys Work Hard,e.g Electricity in house will make few Poor study,sew etc,etc ! Unlike MNREGA !

My aim is to unite Communism & Hindutva but finish Maoism. That would be real bliss ! Ambani, Adani  etc are real Soviet Model

Indian Economy can’t just grow Linearly

Unlike Western Capitalist World,Indian Economy must not grow always, it will bring down inflation & most needed , the Real Estate prices !

Like Soviet Union, India has to be militarily 2-3X times stronger than China &( all Arabs+ Pakistan ) together, Economy will be automatically align along for good.

Indians have great skill of saving Jobs,even Pvt School Jobs they are now doing for 15-20 yrs ! Just they must be saved from Real Estate Prices.

Only Buggers who Loose Jobs is IT guys ! But by getting Vishal Sikka out, Modi ji has turned Infy also to Soviet style ! Rest will follow !

Vishal Sikka getting Ousted has Secured crores of Jobs

Great ! Just the CRPF & State Armed Police should be enough to eliminate any ISIS or Maoisim ! Put them under Army’s Command directly

Ignore Yashwant Sinha kind 3rd World Middle Class Jealous Jokers ?

Throw some Middle Class bone like some Govt Committee position and they will be happy !

Any Economic downturn, only Software guys loose Jobs  but Media/Intellectuals with the most stable jobs  only crib !

And I am happy that by getting that stinky Crony Capitalist demon Vishal Sikka Out, Modi ji has saved/extended crores of Jobs ! true Soviet Model !

Rest Rajdeep Sardesai’s Rs 52 cr House becomes worth Rs 50 lakhs, I would be least bothered with it !

then I too could purchase a good flat in Hyderabad for just Rs 15-20 lakhs ? Isn’t it Good ?

Some Tough decisions like War Time Soviet Union took, are indeed  needed

I am not into conspiracy theories but till the Bullet Train Project is cancelled ,such incidents will be orchestrated !

This happened due to Rumor  & Panic spreading, earlier it was De-Railing

Solution is few Encounters of the Professional Gang doing these things .

Also jail the Officials who delayed despite Rs 11 cr sanctioned. Bullet Train money Japan is giving for Bullet Train only,nothing else.

Agree with Raj Thakrey here. Bullet Train must be between Lucknow and Delhi with stoppage at Kanpur ! U.P is ready for Bullet Train

Modi ji & BJP sometime think like “Baniya” as Pakistanis call,

Too much Cost-Benefit analysis ! No quick Patch Work !

Bullet Train is like a “Yajna”, It needs Blood or “Bali” !

Any Rail Road, even in USA in 1860s left a “Trail of Blood”  !

Train to Siberia too did same ! Modi ji has to do Encounters of a lot of miscreants, shoot 1000s before Bullet Train Runs !

By doing it like a “Baniya”, Modi ji tries to prove that Marshal Stalin was a villain ! Wrong ! He was BJP’s first “Maarg-Dashak”.

India is a small Nation. Next 40 yrs Moving things slow will generate Jobs.

Such huge trucks on such small roads . They would have been sold as being efficient,cost saving by truck companies. Little they realized that it would kill their own business .

India is a small Nation. It needs lots of small trucks and not such huge trucks.

Indians seeing a little good days ,turn American style Capitalist along with cheap Corruption? Then when Business Cycle screws them, they want Govt to save them like Soviet Union !

Typical Hindu Greed ! Same way they mess Cow issue too. Cow is a Man Thing,purely Personal like Enfield Bullet but they will run Dairy as Cow gives more milk but won’t want to bear any extra cost !

Next 40 yrs Govt must encourage a little slower things as India is too small. e.g smaller Tractors ,even Bulls,manual labour,smaller trucks etc. That will generate lots of jobs & kill Slowdown.

U.P has to play a major role in economy

Bullet Train project should move to U.P. it should be Delhi-Lucknow or Delhi- Gorakhpur route.

U.P has to beat Germany in 5-10 yrs first,then Japan and so on. U.P has to rise like a sleeping giant after 5000 yrs and lead the world.

U.P thought process is mix of American-Russian. Its farmers never do suicide.Congress/SP/BSP keep it engaged in silly things

Don’t get into Vicious Cycle of Numbers e.g  GDP

Good…this & Hegde statement of lying about Fadanvis doing Commondo operation to save Govt money

Shows that Modi ji taking BJP to next gen where Devendra Fadanvis kind Liberal but Firm Leaders lead. With hper active beautiful Wives.

GDP is just a number. For India next big set of jobs will come in Environment,Defence,Healthcare etc which wont increase GDP but Jobs will be there.

Rest all Luyten,Congress want Modi ji to move fast like Atal ji,where they can do ‘Aam Aadmi’ drama.Modi ji not falling this trap.

No need to compete China economically, it has 3X land. Match Militarily. Auto sector etc must export their Crappy cars or go. Rahul Bajaj type bad business doers ☺️ must Step-Up or perish .

‘Ram ji ki Kripa’ Udhav Thackrey will spread enough loathe for ‘Daridrata’ Politics done by Congis.
Then in 2023 Modi ji will waiver income tax 👍 and 2024 BJP is back

Digvijay Singh should be the Supreme “Maarg-Darshak” for BJP & a National Govt

Digvijay Singh gave threat to Smriti Irani for giving a reply to Rahul- We must take it seriously.

Digvijay can kill for Hindutva

I really love & respect Digvijay Singh more than even Modi ji. He was an ex RSS member, considers himself senior to Modi ji !

And advices BJP rightly,doing the “Mahant” style Politics,Modi ji must not appear promoting a beautiful married Women in parallel to Rahul Gandhi and enjoying “Grihastha” Life !

This weakens “Mahant” style management ! I too had bad experience.

Diggi is real Hindutva Warrior ! Suffered,mocked but look what he had made M.P into ! Reporters going for Gujrat2002 kind of story become Story themselves !

Digvijay is always Right

Diggi is always Right ! If BJP shows little love towards Anglo Indians & Upper Caste XTian Converts like Jagan Reddy,

It will get all votes ! Only “Bone of Contention” is Conversion ! Indian Poors never convert !

If Kings like Diggi want & try , all poor will Convert & do “Ghar-Wapasi” within 1 month !

Indian poors are like ‘Kevat of Ramayan’ , who took Gold Ring of Lord Ram in his worst, most poor times ! Reason next 15 yrs I want Diggi-BJP to work together ! So many issues,wars etc,etc

Seems Diggi Chacha reads my posts, only last night i was raising him on advising Modi ji

15 yrs India needs Modi/Shivraj as PM & Diggi as Supreme “Maarg-Darshak”. We have Wars/Religious Wars/World Wars

The kind of Hindutva I want only (Diggi+BJP) can give. Have a National Govt for 15 yrs ! Save Energy wasted in fighting each other !

Digvijay a  born King can crush Mewanis,Hardiks etc

Modi Ji must note that Diggi is doing “Maa Narmada Tapasya” in old fashioned “Chandamama” way !

Either break his “Tapasya” in Old Fashioned way by sending an “Apsara” or align with him for 5 yrs !

Modi Ji unable to crush Media thinking of the cute interviews which beautiful Reporters will take post Retirement,

Too Middle Class  !

But Diggi a born “Kshatriya” has no such issue. He will crush Media,also save Brahmins from Neo Demons like Jignesh,Hardik etc, in old fashioned way ! May be Diggi as PM & Modi ji as HM ?

Firing Vishal Sikka is Great Step towards ending Crony Capitalism by Mr Narayan Murthy

Narayan Murthy,Nandan Nilekeni the usual Gandhian Congressis have done something Good first Time

I usually dislike Narayan Murthy & Nandan Nilekeni for being typical Congressi

Asked Modi ji on FB to ignore NRN and not give him any “Bhaav”, probably Modi ji read my Post &just ignored him !

but this is a good decision ?, Vishal Sikka kind of Crony Capitalism can’t work in India, specially Services Industry.

Desire to cut down people to sustain your own Compensation, tickle Stocks etc wont work with huge Workforce.,he has to Go !

Service Sector Boss should be like my ultra beautiful, “Pyaar ki Badariya” Wipro Boss ! who was not so Rich,Not so Greedy,but best Coach,Trainer,Feedback giver I ever had.

Out of 20 yr Career , i fould Wipro Managers to be best. 1.4 yr with my “Pyar ki Badariya” boss .

She saved me Rs 1 cr+ US MBA. I feel my loop is complete to be Infosys CEO !

Vishal Sikka has the Usual Traits of Bad Crony Capitalists

Vishal Sikka was Evil Crony Capitalist at a wrong place which could Harm Masses,Society

Narayan Murthy has done 1 great Job in Life. Now Modi ji must give him some “Bhaav”. Kudos to Mr Murthy ?

I Love Crony Capitalists,Crooks etc,etc but at Right Place only. For very small Companies only,Crony Capitalism should be tolerated.

Business matters, but Huge Service Sector requires my Wipro Beautiful type Bosses who are like “प्यार की बदरिया ”  though maintaining very high Top-Notch performance !

My Wipro Boss was a Living & Moving  MBA School ! No Greed,Content,Spreading Peace !

Infosys approves up to $2b buyback of shares at 24.57% premium

Narayan Murthy joins the exclusive Club of Ambani,Adani by this act

Great,Now Mr Murthy behaves as “Seth ji” after getting rid of that evil Crony Capitalist “Munim” Visual Sikka who was disturbing,destroying service sector ! “Munim” is always the “Haraa**”  guy !

Modi ji & BJP must now give Mr Murthy respect like Ambani,Adani.Involve him & Nandan Nilekeni heavily in Govt matters !

At this stage, even Projects, Technology R&Ds in Defense,Sanitations,Infra,Energy etc from India only can be run by Infosys.So much Work !

I keep saying, repeating again, Service Sector now needs my Beautiful,Spreading Peace,Grace,Non-Greedy “Pyaar ki Badariya” kind of Wipro Boss for next 25 yrs . Good for India !

Visual Sikka kind of evil Crony Capitalists needed in Start-Ups,Small Firms, where if they Con,then someone just sells his Underwear too !

Murthy,Nilekeni taking Ownership like Ambani,Adani

Great…Modi ji must give same respect to Infy Founders as he gives to other “Seth jis” e.g Ambani,Adani

“Munshi” or Professional CEO is the Rascal ! “Seth ji” is like “Devata” !

I have spent most of my Life in small Crony Capitalist Set-Ups, Service Sector giving huge no of jobs cant be spoiled like them.

Infosys just have to sell few Campuses, Make ppl Work from their Home, Fix office Hours,Snatch Laptops..De-Glamorize it.

My beautiful Wipro Boss used to work from home at 1/3rd salary. But she was instant available for any mail, situation , then one day when she used to come to office ! Felt Divine !

India shouldn’t Compete on Economy but be 2X-3X times more Powerful Militarily than China

No Lessons learnt from 1962. India should be 2X Strong Militarily

No,Lessons still not learnt .India has to be militarily 2X-3X times Stronger than China, coz Chinese can surrender to anyone and make them appear powerful

e.g Chinese surrendered to Japanese in WW2 & to Maoists in 1950s, which India has defeated successfully,

but still lot of Congressi influence & “Baniyagiri” there e.g Stopping Ration for Officers  by even Modi Govt !

India must not try to compare on Economics with China !

Ram Bhakts can’t Compromise on Military Power or Weapons

“Ram-Bhakt” party must behave like Lord Ram days !. People like Lord Ram himself,Hanuman,Parshuram etc were poor but never Short of Weapons or Military Skills/Tactics !

Economy Growth now only will make Real-Estate costly along with other Consumables .Govt must regulate Real Estate,

Rest all will fix. India is small in size , So skill them well & migrate them too !

Just looked for House-Rates in Aparna County,Miyapur Hyderabad ! Rs 2-3 cr for Houses ! Service class can’t Digest this ?

Have to go in “Ayodhya” mode, where nobody actually buys Real Estate or most of things . Its Granted with Love or Snatched like Monkeys do !

China’s Boasting must be Checked

China boasted that its forces can reach Delhi in 2 Days ! Now taking 2 months  to even clear Dokhlam ! It happens when Mafia Maoist syndicate crushes weak people & rule !

Criminal People Party founded by Criminal Mao time is over !

Modi ji’s strong position will trigger a “Chain of Actions”, triggering China’s People Party Collapse,

Freeing of China for Indians to do business with ! Shanghai being new Mumbai for “Bhaiyas” ! !

Any Military Action, India has to ensure 5000+ Chinese Soldiers die or taken POW,.Indian Army is used to casualties.

But after this Crisis, Modi ji must Crush Media/Leftist guys ruthlessly like Stalin ,those who can’t support even in time of War make max noise !

Mafia Syndicate Communist Party of China’s Time is over

“Bhaiya” Workers from U.P-Bihar have to go to Shangai,Beijing for Jobs ! Bombay is outdated now !

That level of integration between India-China needed. But for that the Criminal People Party has to go.

Unlike Russian Comrades who were a benign Dictatorship in War Time , Chinese People Party are Criminals

People Party crushed people in Peace Time , they have to Go. few more Nations Standing against China. Their Army will Kick-Out People’s Party !

India must not try to compete with China financially but militarily it must be 3X Strong than China as British have kept it in WW1 & WW2

Stupid Congress,Leftist Media do reverse India’s Strength ! British were Smarter !

Korea and Pakistan will bring down China

North Korea & Pakistan , the 2 Illegitimate kids of China will bring down & break China and end of Maoist Rule.

Mao was a Criminal who polluted the name of Russian Comrades & purity of Communism by crushing its people in Peace Time !

Hindutva & Communism will unite (“sabka saath sabka vikaas” ! )

Hongkong Protests and J&K Lock-down shows that its Military Strength where India should focus

Even U.P PAC handles protests more well. China still messes up against determined opposition despite all War Toys it built.

It should learn from India.There is no official curfew in Kashmir, still Separatists,Imran Khan saying that remove Curfew , we will do Revolution ! “Nawabi Shauk ” !

India must not compete economically with India but rather grow itself Militarily 4X strong from current state.
For Economy just Move everything bit slow for next 40 yrs.e.g use Bullock Cart, Bulls where Tractor could be avoided and so on.

Goddess Almighty ensure “Kaarmik” Connections with Women whom you Love !


Goddess Almighty keeps you Subservient to Women you Love

Beautiful day in Hyderabad ! I also talked to my old female friend after almost 14 years ! Thanks Jews for Facebook ! Such a Healer it is  !

Funnily if just I Check my Hyderabad Assets (Only Savings ! ) i am back to my 14 yrs stage ! Goddess Almighty keeps you humbled !

I will keep training the BJP “Bhakt” Army, Turning BJP a bit Naughty ! but will personally turn very decent on FB !

BJP Mitron,specially Young ones ,always attend your beloved Marriage,if she invites, burn your Love in the “Agni” .

I did mistake of not attending my Friend’s marriage, hence advising.

else Goddess of Love is very “Kaarmik” !

She will always keep you a “Chirkut” Aaashiq,subservient to your Beloved , No Matter whatever you become !

In extreme cases whenever your beloved is in some pain, you will also feel the same pain e.g Hospitals,Sickness etc !

So do attend your beloved Marriage for sure . I fall ill at same time when my beloved Kids are unwell or feel pain when she is in pain !

When I separated from my beloved Friend, I went on to deep into Politics.

My Vision on Politics was that  most of India’s Problems including Naresh Agrawal  has 1 Single Solution, Single Party Stalin & Russian Comrades kind of Dictatorship ..with Gulaags,NYPD etc,etc 🙂

But Goddess Almighty Re-Connecting me with my lost Friend has given indication, we have 20 yrs more (2038) such Benign Dictaorship to avoid Bloodshed !

So till keep supporting BJP, tolerate rest !

Salman Bhai an Ideal Lover which symbolizes Hindutva

Mitron, Salman Bhai epitomizes an Ideal Lover. Below   “Bhaai” gets Senti in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,

unlike the Itchy, Congressi  Separatist SRK who usually snatches other Wives in Movies !

Salman Bhai sacrifices, Pure Sanghi/BJP Stuff & Role model .

Unlike KKHH , Ash goes to Ajay Devgan, another Sanghi ! So all in Family !

Young BJP Mitron, as I said earlier, Always attend your Beloved Marriage as a Groom or as a “Gharaati”,

Serve the Guests , Bless the kids of your beloved .That’s Sanghi/BJP Ideology !

Mitron, Bhai’s Song ! Like Bhai many don’t know how to brand their Love !

Which Love was Sisterly, which was Motherly, which was Wifey and which just a Friend  ?

Never Wish smallest Bad for Women you Love. Goddess Almighty Punishes Harshly

Also the Facebook built by Jews is “Kaarmik” or is it only for me !

Be Blood-Thirsty but never be Cruel to someone on whom you Lust !

Facebook has Goddesses Soul ! My Evil Wish of seeing Madhuri Dance with Insulin Injections increased my own Sugar only !

I have to work hard to eliminate it !

I wished to see Madhuri dancing with Insulin Injections, but my own Sugar Levels Rose  !

After Strict Diet Regime, lot of Excercises only brought it to 82/115.

So, No more Cruel comments on Women !

Starting the day with Madhuri song ! May she Dance always without any Insulin Injections  I Retract my Evil Wish !

Mitron Hindu Gods & Goddesses are very “Kaarmic” ! They Punish a “Bhakt” more than rewarding him !

Reason Weaker Masses get attracted to Sufism/Buddhism etc !

but Tough or Evil guys always turn Hindu like Heinrich Himmler,Russian Comrades !

Only if they understand the “Kaarmic” Messages from God, it will be great for Humanity !

This Post is like “Taantrik Pooja”  to repent . No surprise, the biggest Baddies have been Sanatani Bhakts ! Ravan to Heinrich Himmler !

Women you Love adds Dignity to you. Makes you a bit Self-Focussed

Young BJP Mitron, always keep 1 Good Female Friend in your Work Place, Not necessarily turning your GF or Wife !

She keeps you a bit Self-Focussed, else you turn fully “Vanar-Sena” whom Lord Ram gave only good Weapons, Fighting Skills ! No Wealth !

It’s bit difficult in practical World or “kaliyug” ! So don’t turn a stinky Congressi , Never Harm the System, be a Traitor to Party,Nation,Dharma ,

but be a little Self focused, My own Friend connected after long and I have once again a bit Self-Focussed.

Will do everything including Job & Politics but maintaining dignity,some Self-Focus & Thinking $$$!

What happened to me last 7.5 yrs ? Bad “Grahas” . Now I am so Different !

Dedicate your Self-Less Political Work to your Beloved

BJP Online Warriors, I see you manytime Frustrated for not getting Returns for your Political efforts, “Dharma ki Raksha” !. You feel frustrated like Maharishi Valmiki !

Unfortunate, but it’s true that unlike Congressis ,BJP Warriors families won’t want to own up their Political Work as its Saintly !

No Wealth or Assets ! No Monetizing possible !

So BJP Mitron, always dedicate your Political Work to your beloved,allegorical Wife (s)  before Goddess Almighty !

Then it will be monitized ! I have done same for my Blog “” Dedicated my “Tapasya” to my friend & her Kids !

Hindu “Asshiq” is the most Efficient Power. His Energy must be Harnessed

First Congress & then Bollywood Spoiled the Hindu “Aashiq” like Mirza Ghalib ! Hindu Aaashiq Never Self-Destructs ,but also never Moves-On.

Loving your parted beloved(whom you wanted to Marry ! ) Kids, No matter from ever she got her Kids, is the best Cardio Vascular Exercise !

Reduces your Resting Pulse Rate by 15-20 ! Guys with expertise in Moving-On usually get Heart Disease !

BJP Mitron, On Navratri End, a Message, i.e Love 1 or many Women around ,else Sagarika Ghose,Kavita Krishnan will Pollute them !

Goddess Almighty Complements & Fixes  your Weaknesses 

Congressis can Stoop to any level ,  btw only RIval Male Gods or Prophets are issues in Abrahamic groups ! Female not Banned !

I can tell this little Secret but then the Blood-Shed will Stop, Suicide Belts for Virgins will Vanish & I indeed enjoy all that !

A Female God always complements & fixes your Weakness !

e.g I have good Business & Politics Sense, do well in building Cash, Value,Assets etc but I lack EQ and look for Relationship longevity !

Goddess Almighty creates situations to break my Loss-Making Relationships ruthlessly  which i would have dragged otherwise !

Finally got it, who is my Metaphorical Mother and who is Metaphorical Wife and both are Goddesses Incarnate !

Mitron, Personal and complex Astrological update ! “Maa Yamuna” ne bulaaya aur Noida mein Europe ka maja diya !

As usual, I missed out on an Europe Tour due to Workplace Dynamics but Maa Yamuna ensured that I enjoy Europe here !

As usual, I missed out on an Europe Tour due to Workplace Dynamics but Maa Yamuna ensured that I enjoy Europe here !

Also Mitron, In Life there is One Job made for you, Yash Chopra style which heals all corporate wounds, satisfies all quest,romance but also tells you to quit Middle-Class Aspirations and make it last one . I feel I got one, with so many Punjabi Women around, No more dirty Work places or full time jobs now.

Astrologically I feel, that as was told by Astrologer that influence of a Women who makes me work very Hard or “Nazar” gone. Astrologer made me threw some “Abhimantrit Bhasma” in Husaain Sagar. Worked slowly after 1.5 years ! I feel it now.

I can identify the Women and feel that indeed “Nazar”. She was my ex Boss, else why I was working for last 4 yrs ? Doing things in more toughest environment  ? Its like “Maata ne Bulaaya” Call ! She went Overseas,’7 samundar paar’ for good. .

Also now it seems I have got a benign loving wife kind Angel ‘Driving my destiny’, who was there hidden last 25 years . She always wanted to fail in IIT Jee, take Life easy etc,etc :! 
Be in Administrative job like Army etc. If I was going overboard, she used to make me fall Sick, but like a soldier keep fighting,never listened !

But now I am listening to my hidden Angel ! Just Chilling,taking Leaves or Work from Home when needed ! Surprisingly astrology works for me ! It needs hell lot of patience and follow process & do karma !

A Man earns Wealth only for Women around him

Saturday Philosophical :: A Man is not supposed to have any Wealth. He is only supposed to make money for Women around him !

You may swim in Sea of Wealth ($$), but you will retain only that Wealth which is in Destiny of Women around you.

Never Lust on long term Junior Colleagues. They are like Daughters

Media cooked all Fight stories between Sushma ji and Modi ji.

“Charitraheen” Luyten doesn’t know that a long term junior female colleague is like an extra Daughter given by Destiny to you.

She ties you in some “Karma-Bandhan” ,e.g Modi ji kept his Govt a bit “Congressi” in nature in Modi 1.0 ? So that Sushma/ Smriti can have some comfort.

Modi 2.0 will be very very Hot/Hard/Tough

Women accelerate the Marak Process or Redeem you based on your Karma

Pragya talks Silly but “Maarak” is Science & comes from your present or past Birth Karmas. God gives you Opportunity to Redeem too.

e.g Doing Middle Class Job and thinking of ‘Money’ or Middle Class Pleasures is ‘Maarak’ for me. But being a BJP Online Warrior Redeems,Powers me !

Then Lusting on a Junior Colleague is a “Maarak’ . She is like that extra Daughter . Exploiting or Forcing a Women ,if she is helpless is ‘Maarak’ etc,etc. Women do accelerate the ‘Maarak’ process ☺️

For BJP leaders since Luytens have Betrayed,Cheated the Freedom given by Atal ji. Anyone having good Relations with Luyten will be a ‘Maarak’ . Be a Bigot & Live long !

After my beautiful friend re-connected me and then gave me Promotion by giving her WhatsApp number ! .
Now I can see Life as a 3D Movie and understand Complex stuff like ‘Maarak’ !

BJP’s Middle Class Nature,Inability to Punish Media destroys India

Ravishankar Prasad is one prime example of BJP’s Middle-Class Mindset

Such Middle-Class mindset leaders bring BJP down ! Just to get some brownie points from Luyten Babes.

Few BJP leaders can go to any level of embarrassment, but the Luyten Babes sleep with Diggi Chacha, treat BJP Leaders as slaves !

Ram Bhakt party must learn to deal with modern day “Tadakas”, “Lankinis” ! Quit Middle Class mindset.Middle Class Life is Fire of Hell !

BJP Leaders never support their supporters Shamelessly like Congress do

BJP mitron, See how Congress Leaders promote books etc of their Pets ! No BJP Leader will do this for your book !

Rather they will promote Sagarika book only, which abuses them ! Coz they are Middle Class Jealous Jerks who will be jealous of your money  Middle Class Sucks !

But pardon them for this.30 yrs we need benign Dictatorship,Modi ji,Shivraj,Yogi & BJP at helm,

Congress will Weaken every thing and we will face big Wars from Arabia to China in 30 yrs,

Once China,Pakistan,Arabs are settled then Middle Class nature of BJP Leaders should be punished !

 BJP Leaders must Shamelessly stand with its Muslim Women Leaders like Shazia Ilimi

Delhi needs Shazia Ilimi for 15 yrs as CM to get cured of its AAPTard Cheapness ! Lucknow should be political Capital.

But before that BJP has to get rid of its Middle Class Shyness/Fears .Start accusing Congress of doing Cow Gundaism ! Abuse & destroy NDTV & Media. Don’t appear “Failed-Lovers” of Media !

Middle Class is a Curse ! Punishment of past birth Sins .

BJP Leaders never Punish Media for their Misdeeds

Good. !Media should be Free but also treated/kicked like Dogs periodically.

If few BJP Leaders or Modi ji could have dared to do the same with Media in 2002, BJP would have been Power in 2004.India’s loss.

But BJP leaders get orgasms seeing a Mike and get Kink Pleasure on being humiliated by Media ! So Middle Class & Middle Class sucks !

Media keep India in Hindu-Muslim Crap, in 19th Century, Never ending Congressi loop.

BJP has to fix Hindu-Muslim Relationship, then Arab-Jews Relationship,Convert all Islamic Nations to Greater NDA,

Lead Asia when China Breaks -Up etc,etc.

Turn Japan,Russia,Australia ,Vietnam Sanatani !

BJP Leaders have habit of Rewarding those who abuse them everytime

S Vardrajan called Army Chief General Dyer and he is addressing Army Officers ?

Off Course to weaken them mentally , be defensive, prepare them to die more  than to kill !

BJP leaders are such idiots in letting the Media, Journalists weaken the Army and the party for some daily Peace !

Even Modi ji allowed Teesta etc to grow so strong,resulted in loss of 2004,2009,

Never turned Story-Vendors into Story themselves like Shivraj Chauhaan does ?

BJP Leaders try to appear too much Statesman type for small Praises from Media

Rainath is best CM after Kalyan Singh and best Home Minister India has produced,he has Wiped out Maoism,Jehadism from U.P in past,

he will do it again for India

He should just keep his mouth shut and just focus on Killing ! Media make him speak to prove that he is like Congressi/Samajwaadi and above all an idiot Casteist,Exploited “Thakur” !

In UPA time, Azamgarh boys used to kill 200 every Saturday etc,etc,

the 7 dead are first Civilian deaths in Modi regime, must take very Dirty Revenge.

BJP Leaders don’t even learn from Leaders like Donald Trump

Kudos to Donald Trump,President USA for fighting/humiliating Media….

In India BJP Leaders get orgasms,just seeing Media & Mike .Act as Slaves of Media..

BJP leaders must understand that unlike USA,Indian Army,Para Forces etc are yet not so strong, nor India is geographically isolated to give so much freedom to Media/ Left Ecosystem.

BJP must promote leaders like Shivraj who are Tough to Media

#SelfieWithTree ! Bacholor BJP PMs like Atal ji & Modi ji are not able to Crush the Media or Leftist Ecosystem coz they get senti on Sagarika,Barkha ! Delhi Luxuries Weaken them !

Shivraj with a beautiful Wife will destroy Media & Leftists in 2024 !

Whoever goes to search a Spicy Story on Shivraj becomes a Story himself . Like that Aaajtak guy !

BJP must finish all Charity Schemes before next elections

Modi ji must try to spend all the Saved Money, on Armed Forces (Bullet Proofs,Guns etc,etc) and on genuine Poors till 2019.

Congress , if back in 2019 will definitely weaken the Forces,have Ponzy Schemes till 2024,

With a looming World War around, Can’t be Afforded

BJP must not try to Fix everything by Process only.Do some Patchwork too

It’s a bigger bitter Lesson for Modi ji..he wants to Fix everything by Process , now next 2 yr only Patches & Quick Fixes

If Suresh Prabhu has sent few Railwaymen to Jail,got them thrashed badly, his Job would have been saved.

It’s very easy for Enemies of Nation to Bribe few Railway guys to cause accidents. So first Jail & Good Thrashing Required

Next 2 yr only Patches,Quick Fixes by Modi ji..When you Work among Idiots , you should do that. My whole Life has been among Idiots,Morons . Modi ji must follow my Advise.

Middle Class BJP leaders can’t abuse Media like Trump

Does any BJP leader ever abuses Media like this ?

Mind it, Donald Trump is a Billionare, his Reputation is much more than 2 penny Middle Class BJP Leaders,

but all BJP Leaders act act as their name will go in history !

Indians love all the Vices of USA e.g Liberalism, but don’t want to go through the Pains through which they come.

Modi ji must fix Middle-Class mindset of their leaders, coz of that they get orgasm seeing a Mike and Reporter  !

Also BJP Leaders never allow even smallest of small benefits for their dedicated workers & online warriors !

3rd World Middle class mindset  Modi ji must fix it.

BJP Weakness against Media makes people digest real Harm/Deaths

Rahul Gandhi tries to ape Justin Trudeau of Canada, ignoring the fact that Canada is 3 times size of India, Isolated with USA as Protector !

Beggars do not have License to Love !! Those who keep loosing Real Estate as in 1947 or are on verge of loosing e.g Kashmir,NE,Punjab etc,etc cant do all these Cute little Dramas ☺

Over this, Rahul ji’ Great Naana made China our Enemy too ! We cant use its Reasources, Land !

Modi ji and Atal ji’s & BJP Weakness against Media shows us these days.

Imagine same Media made us digest 3000+ Terrorism, Naxalisn Deaths during UPA time,has made just 5-10 Deaths of Lynching such big issue ?

A Cow costs almost as Tata Nano or Enfield Bullet ….Modi ji must ask Media guys to try stealing, destroying someone’s Tata Nano or Bullet and then give them a party , if they come back alive ☺

Modi ji & BJP has to still learn a lot from Stalin & Russian Comrades on how to lead ! They are still so 3rd World ” Misdle Class” !

Media keeps India Stuck in Bhakti-Sufi “Tilasm”

Modi ji finally doing “Kraanti-Kaari” Strike ! He should have destroyed Media in 2002 itself, when Media guys turned billionaires on Gujarat Riots

Media ahould be Free but they should be kept Ultra poor too and must barely meet their daily Bread else they become like Abhishar Sharma ☺

India is not Militarily so Powerful, Not Isolated like USA or has so much Land to absorb Vices like Agenda driven Media.

Also Media will never let India come out of Sufi-Bhakti loop and will make Hinduism loaded with so much guilt always !

Hinduism has reformed enough, now Look East and convert most including China ! Arabs have to be given Upper-Caste pinch and made to fund Poor Muslims of India.

But Punya Prasoon Vajpayee kind Media keep India in infinite “Krantikaari” and Guilt  Loop !

Acting too much nice and sweet destroys BJP and India

No surprise Atal ji lost 2004 with just 7 seats ! The Love for Niceties and the Lust for being Invited to Marriage Receptions by Opposition leaders where 50 ppl do your “Charan-Sparsh” destroys BJP Leaders !

With rich Lady like Rajmaata Vijay Raaje on his side, Atal ji would have died for lack of a flight ticket to USA ☺ BJP was baniya party anyways ?

BJP leaders make JackAss of themselves ! Modi ji must ban Marriage Receptions for BJP leaders and teach “Take No Prisoner” policy for Opposition & Media .

Its amusing to see so much Drama, Unnatural Porn type Combinations (SP-BSP,TDP-Congress) to just remove Modi ji in 2019 elections.

Who like Atal ji is so Benign,Democratic and allows so much Freedom. Its good if these guys form a Khichadi thing,Weaken India for few years.

So that next BJP PM could be a real Rascal Dictator ☺

Modi ji has done Sin of not destroying the 2002 hyping Media,Luytens for personal Relations. They produce Terrorists,Sepratists & Weaken India.

So it must cost him, but he must do the Farmer Salaries and Middle Class Tax waiver upto Rs 8 lakh definitely in this budget.

Devdutt Patnaik is the Personification of the Demonic Luyten

Devdutt Patnaik a Luyten product is becoming a Mythological ‘Asur’ himself ? Just see his Twitter Timeline to know !

A kind of Demon which can’t be visualised by Ramanand Sagar. He is not Black with large teeths, do not laugh etc,etc

But one who makes Money by selling false knowledge and demeaning Dharma ! Indians were unable to handle such guys. They make Luyten !
His turning Mental may be Ram Ji’s Wish !


Narendra Modi must Fight Leftist Ecosystem like Donald Trump if not like Stalin !

Army/Para Forces Fighting a Battle with Demons Created by  Leftists

Good-Work Army, but Jehadis & Maoists are just Symptoms, the ‘Real-Disease’ are the #NotInMyName Gang

Every 10 yr this #NotInMyName Gang will generate enough hatred to generate enough Jehadis/Maoists..

Modi ji must Crush/Destroy them like Stalin or at least fight them, like Donald Trump, rather than appearing their Jinxed “Aaashiq” !

China has surrendered to Maoism ! Rajnath fighting this ! In a way it is good that Leftist Eco System busy in Cow ! Ignoring this !

Only India can defeat Maoism militarily & socially , to which China surrendered.That too under a Bollywood Villain ” Thakur” Rajnath Singh !

But unfortunately , In India ,till Congress Leaders are assassinated ,every Murderer is Anti-Brahmin Fighter !

Modi must not repeat the same mistake which Atal did

Modi ji did the same silly mistake of Atal ji by talking too much on Cow Vigilantes,he should have just remained silent. Goons & their Paymasters would have tired themselves Out

Unlike Atal ji,Advani ji, Modi ji is Young & even worst , he is used to Power & Winning,

if he Looses 2019, he has to pray for early Death !

coz his Life will be made Hell by #NotInMyName gang .BJP “Bhakts” are mature & they will Move-On to Shivraj Chauhaan who is a better Killer  and does much better Gandhian Drama !

Modi ji for his own Good must destroy Media & Leftist Ecosystem & never repeat such Atal ji kind of “Emotional-Foolishness”

I am just saying that if Modi ji can’t Crush Leftist Ecosystem in peace,Time of Strength,then how will he crush them during War-Time ?

How long Army and Para Forces can fight these Leftists Demons

I am sure that if there is a War like World War where Kolkotta or Kerala or Delhi start getting Hit , most Leftist-Ecosystem will readily surrender to any enemy,

Kudos to our Army that be it WW1 or WW2 or Pakistan Wars or China Wars, no Enemy has been able to cross beyond few miles ever !

Performance matters, Shivraj Chauhan can digest 10 SIMI Encounters,Vyapam,Farmers etc,

& Rascal M.P Congress Leaders  like Diggi as Opponent ,where as Modi ji can’t digest 1 Encounter for 10 yrs ?

Isn’t Shivraj Chauhaan a better PM material, if Modi ji looses 2019 ?

No Teesta,Rahul Sinha in M.P despite Shivraj killing so many !

Corporate School destroying our Kids

Mitron, dont get your Kids educated in Corporate Schools !
They all will turn Rahul Gandhi ! Believer of Hindu Terrorism !

Even USA will not give them Jobs now,they will get sued like AAPTard Raghav Chhadha & you have to Pay !

Modi ji must destroy the whole Media,Intellectuals Eco-System.

Remove the Middle Class Mindset Ministers in Modi Govt

Modi ji has filled so many Middle Class Ministers who will talk all BS, but won’t blame Congress/Media for this !

Or even say that Cow is Costly Item,any Villager can Kill for it !

Want a clean Image for themselves or scared of 5-10 cr Rs Defamation suites.3rd World Middle Class Clerks !

BJP needs Diggi Raja kind of Kings or mine kind of Paupers, who are either not scared of Rs5-10 cr Defamation suites and also not afraid of going to Jail for few yrs !

Middle Class really Sucks !

BJP leaders appear pleading Leftists like  Saree selling smalltime  Trader

Modi ji tries to explain things like a “Baniya selling Sarees on Cycle ” ! BJP guys still very bad in Communication & neither do they crush Media.

Just plainly tell that Raffaile can deliver small tactical Nuclear Weapons if needed on a ‘Rogue-Enemy’

And India may need 5000-10000 of Raffailes on short notice to fight an Islamic NATO or ISIS kind of thing or any other big size enemy.

Only Ambanis-Tata can build it ! HAL planes will have burst tyres !

Modi must develop Balls of Steel

Modi ji has “Balls of Steel” to stand with all the weak sections of Nation,who could do some good for India, be it Poor Upper Caste,Muslim Women , Sexy & Handsome Dalits like Paswan (s) etc,etc

But both Atal ji/ Modi ji ,though very hard on external enemies and terrorists etc,sadly were ultra soft on internal enemies

Journalists/Luyten intellects should be kept on verge of “Begging on a Signal” ☺, if not in Gulaags. But Atal & Modi ji made them Rich , mostly just by abusing BJP ! Shivraj Chauhaan will fix it on 2024.

On Ram Temple, Avatars cant be tied in Temples or “Bhakti Moment”, specially Lord Ram,who signifies Power.

Lord Krishna has still some Romantic Component but Lord Ram never.Already Tulsidas has given stuff to Leftists by his writings to Leftists to abuse Ram (mostly Ravan’s Dialogues !)

Valmiki was scientific,with astronomical details to calculate time of events,”Idiot-Proofing”. Tulsidaas tied Ram in ‘Bhakti Romanticism’.

So “Mandir wahin banega,bjp hi banayegi” , but at Right Time. Trust BJP

Now Modi ji is showing his “Balls of Steel”. Atal ji was too soft on those who ‘Harm within the System, gave us lot of Amartya Sens,Brijesh Mishra etc

Modi ji has to die as a branded Mass Murderer ☺, so he must not care for his image or Respect & Grace from Luyten, Media.

Take Tough decisions for Goodness of India ,destroy Congressi Ecosystem and make Media guy just on the verge of begging ! Poor guys make good and honest Journalists !

Modi paving the way for a Dictator by not abusing Media like Trump

By not Crushing media like “The Hindu” , or abusing them like Trump. Modi ji is paving the way for a future Dictator, who will put them into “Gulaags”
I must praise Pakistan Army, that they handle their Democratic Leaders well ☺ periodically ! Reason for its small size, they are much better loaded with Weapons,Bullet-Proofs,Guns,Vehicles etc,etc.
Even Chinese Army could force Xi-Ping to turn Life long Dictator to keep Army strong. But Indian Army always has “Congressi” issues !
Indians want fun of USA democracy, without the Sacrifices. Their President Trump openly abuses Media,eliminating the need of a Dictator to send them to Labour Camps.
Here BJP leaders cant even boycott few channels, forget about abusing. They appear real Slaves of Media/Luyten, just for some 3rd World Middle Class benefits, like Spokesperson Job !

Trump is right in humiliating India a bit

Trump is Right in humiliating India a bit !

India can allocate 1.5 lakh Paramillitary for Afghan for 25 yrs which will solve all problems. After all Afghan was by product of India’s experiment with Peace or AntiVarna Buddhism.

We owe to solve it,but the way India has been turned a Cheapo Middle Class society by Congress and its cronies where every 5000 yrs exploitation story is for some Govt Plot or Govt Job !

That India looses strategic opportunity to gain lands,resources etc ,struggles to control 4 districts . Tries to accomodate/romanticize any Nonsence as Anti-Brahmin stuff.

Bhojpuri Film Industry Negates the Aryan-Dravidian Divide Theory !

My Housekeeper making me see lot of Bhojpuri Movies,they have now became like Southern Movies !

But Bhojpuri Actors are much poorer than their Southern Counterparts ,despite having bigger audience, coz of Hindi Movies !

One day Eastern U.P, Bihar Leaders will oppose Hindi too like South !

Congress & Leftists are instigating Aryan-Dravidian Divide by Movies/Fake Researches , Not noticing a “Silent-Bloodless-Revolution”.
New generation Bhojpuri Heroes have started looking like Telugu Heroes !. Also lot of Telugu movies dubbed in Bhojpuri !

Bhojpuri Actress

Aryan-Dravidian divide doesn’t matters in Heroine Choices..Both Bhojpuri & Tamil/Telugu Heroines look same Size wise !
It’s difficult for 2nd generation, wealthy migrant Mumbai girls to act as ‘Down-Market’ Bhojpuri heroines !
But Bhojpuri Heroes will always remain ‘Down-Market’, max they can become M.P or MLA..No respect like the Khans ! Or the South Heroes !
But what pains is that even after SP/BSP/RJD/JUD, Communists  etc,etc dominating politics for so long,
still the Main Villain remains a “Thakur” !  now as a “Thekedaar” ! A real compliment or the usual “Nehruvian-Failure” like many others ?
Dinesh lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’  joining BJP is real Social Justice
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, beard and text

Also Its interesting to see that whole Bhojpuri Industry,regardless of Caste divisions is with BJP ?

Of all, Country must be In-debted to Manoj Tiwari forever.

By doing 2X Stupidity, Tiwari along with Shazia,Bagga(Secularism !) stopped Kejriwal from scaling up and becoming another Bapu !

This is real Social Justice. Bhojpuri Industry Superstar Yadav supporting BJP. After all Modi ji is also an OBC Teli.

India belongs to OBC & Dalits. Upper Castes in past have became “Darbaris” and had Congressi fun during Mughal,British time e.g Raja Man Singh 

They didnt captured Australia,Newzealand,or Arabia ,the low lying fruits. So they must now support ‘Teli’ Modi ji, Dinesh lal Yadav etc rather than fake Dattareya Janeudhaaris 

Upper caste must try to do good work like Gadkari,Rajnath,Piyudh Goel etc