Trump Cleaning-Up USA, India must not React if few NRIs too get Screwed overhaul Donald Trump is the best friend for India

Donald Trump is  in the process of Cleaning up things, will screw lots of Indian NRIs too, NDTV will raise lots of Emotional Drama,

Mitron, Support Trump, Stand with USA !

No Stupidity like Devyani Khobragade case who took a Converted XTian Maid to USA & expected her to behave like Indian “Baai”  there !

An Indian who is not Naturalized NRI (GRE,GMAT,Microsoft,Google Jobs etc) is usually as Cheapo as “Shyamlal” of movie Tezab !

They Fund AAP,Congress too while talking all time 24/7 on what should Modi & BJP do !

BJP Supporter NRIs are Naturalized Americans !

Bodyshopped NRI arouses the Mass Murderer in you ! You wish to Watch his Mock Trial in Kangaru Courts & then Slogging hard in “Gulaags” or Labor Camps  !

buy accutane uk I must be a Russian in past birth

Mitron American/British/German are Smart Race. They all hated me like a Russian Commander  at my Workplace despite all my shameless Sycophancy & Flattery !

I am usually “Assassinated” in Western Corporate Set-Ups , but with Honor ( Creating Fake Business Losses & 11 month Salary Free !)

I face strange incidents while dealing with Western Nation people,

e.g a German Air Hostess will shriek on me “Do I look like Vodka Supplier ”  when I ask simple “IS it Water” !

Probably I made her remember the Rapist Red Army Commander who raped her Granny in WW2 !

But I am never subjected to embarrassing Security Checks which my Colleagues usually face ! I just keep my Coins & Keys in my Laptop Bag ! Respected like Russian Commander ! еnter NRIs are one of the worst creatures of World

Last 7 yrs somehow I feel Mahadev is writing strange Script, on one hand he gives me ” Pyaar ki Badaria” kind of Wipro’s Beautiful Manager,

Caring Maids, Actress Jayaprada kind of Profiles at Hard Start-Ups,but on the other hand , Mahadev is making me cruel like Stalin by exposing me to Cheapo NRIs,

who went by Body-shopping or poisonous ,ultra insecure, political Snakes like those at Amazon !

While I can still just laugh off the Amazon Poisonous Snakes and empathize at their misery but for Cheapo NRIs,

I wish I had a Firing Squad like Stalin had, and it does the “Talking” !

Real Americans or even Natural Americanized American NRIs don’t have these issues, but BoddyShopped NRI ones are horrible.

They live in 90s, thinking that they are throwing Dollars at us,when Indians with MNREGA,6th Pay Commissions,Govt SOPs etc have much better Life than most Americans.

Boddyshopped NRIs will talk Million Dollars always but won’t treat the Team even Rs 100.We have to pay even his Tea Bills.

Will try to copy Amazon style Conflict & Frugality not realizing that he is appearing like GT Road “Dalla”  of Women !

Bodyshpped NRI will prove Academic Mistakes in Work just to cut few hundred dollars in Payment !

Real American,British or even Naturalized Americans Indians don’t do it !

Indians don’t mix Academics with Money unlike West, if you say I can’t pay few 1000 $$ , people will accept happily but if you Mix Academics with Money, then only Firing Squad  should do the  talking !

Bodyshopped NRI will talk maximum of Beef,Steaks etc ! Real Americans/British never do !

Buggers don’t realize that Indians don’t mind them eating all the Ugly American Cows !

We Protect only Desi Cows Breed ! Beef is considered Poor Quality Meat in India !

Indians love tender Meats like Rabbits,Exotic Birds,Deer, exotic Fresh water Fishes etc.

This again needs Firing Squads  to do the explaining to Bodyshopped NRIs !

Bodyshopped NRI will talk of how he dreams of Jesus always when most American Unicorn Founders who Pay him are turning Hindus ! assign India under Congress has been very Selfish

Great, Modi ji generating Jobs in USA ! Now one day USA will allow me to do “Maa-Missisippi Aaarti” !

Congressi used to get their Kids educated in USA but buy Oil from Arabs,Lick dirty Arafat & buy Weapons from Italy for Commission

Saudi Arab must be forced to be turned into a bit Samajwaadi !

There should be a Mulayam Singh Yadav born there ! May be the same !

Fourth Modi ji must declare that in Afganistan with CISF & ITBP, India has more force as compared to any NATO Nation

Also India must make USA as Food Security Partner. Import Corn & Chicken Legs ! Separate Farmers & Middle Class !

recognize NRIs will always want Lalu-Congress to rule India

Modi jj is massaging China’s Balls while building ability to fully Crush it ! Thats the way forward, it will solve most of India’s issues .

India has defeated Maoism, Now with Ambani-Tata etc into Defence, Modi ji making India 2X times militarily Powerful !

China friendship will make us use their Lands,Cities,Infra etc, India can convert Chinese to Hinduism but only after defeating Maoism.

Pakistan will be just a Brothel for both India & China.

USA will be good friend but USA mostly benefits NRIs and funny enough, most of them want Lalu-Congress-Devgouda etc back !

India must always be in 90s for the NRIs. That makes them appear Cream in USA ! Modi ji must not care for them !

buy strattera Indians act like low grade Baniyas. Fit to be looted and put in Refugee camps periodically

Indians are low grade “baniyas”. Reasons they keep loosing their wealth and lands. Fit to be in Refugee Camps periodically.

USA needs small jobs. Allow Tax Free import of Motor Cycles,Chicken Legs,Corn etc from it. In return take Weapons,use USA land etc,etc

But stupid Romantic Congressi thoughts about Farmers who must wait for Loan Waiver, Muslims who are supposed to sell Chicken only  etc,etc stops this. Even BJP not fully abke to fix it.

If Jews can have USA as 2nd Home, why cant Hindus ?

what speed dating is like USA needs India badly everywhere, must turn Hindu-Rashtra naturally.

“Mard-Ae-Momin” waiting for Curfew to end so that they can show their “Jalaal”
It’s not their fault.Pakistanis have neither fought in WW1 or WW2 or neither did any thing in Freedom Struggle 🙁
They got a state just by few days Rioting,courtesy Cowardly Congress
USA must see that how Curfew is imposed ! U.P PAC hasn’t yet been deployed ! Just first phase 👍
USA needs India badly in Afghanistan & everywhere. USA needs to turn Greater India naturally,
so that we can do Maa-Missisippi Aarti ! Maa Ganga is old now !. Will generate Jobs too !. Big Nations must be Hindu-Rashtra

Best Employees for Hard Start-Ups ! and whether Hyderabad or Bangalore Culture is best for Start-Ups

rencontres luxembourg lu Contrary to popular belief ,the best Employees for a Start-Up are not Youngsters,

but 35-40 yrs Hands-On guys facing Mid-Life Crisis,

they give you (Tech+Mgmt+Product) Value for just meager salary of Tech !

but you need to have a “Jayaprada” in the Start-Up, on whom shoulder they can cry ,get hugged !

But ensure that outside Office Premises they don’t build any emotional relationship with any Male or Female, Keep them so busy & engaged !

Else their Midlife-Crisis worsens & Work affects !

Only Relationship outside Office for them,should be with the “Maid” !

“saari duniya harzaai , sirf Maid ke pyaar mein sachhaayi” !

rencontre koumac Hyderabadi Start-Ups are real  Hard & naturally Frugal ones.

A frugal Hyderabadi  will eat both Lunch-Breakfast together to save Company Money !

but those in Hyderabadi style hard, Frugal Start-Ups , please take Care that the Wounds you receive in Battles don’t turn you into a bitter Sunil Shetty !

Bangalore heals Wounds, except the Cars Jams of Arrogant Developers,rest feel like Heaven !

The Soft Food, the Casual Chit_Chat with Chef at the Complimentary Breakfast on Cheese varieties !

rather than trying Breakfast-Lunch together like a Hyderabadi, relaxes you & soothes you !

check over here Solution for Mid-Life Crisis is given by Lord Ram

A Bangalore IT Women will be ready to share Car for 40 km Ride without even knowing you ,Talking like Close Relative ! Heaven !

Both Telangana-Bangalore have their own Flairs to enjoy !

Coming back to Mid-Life Crisis ,Amar Singh has permanent Mid-Life,Mid-Career Crisis  So he has original & authentic Jayaprada too always with him !


Solution for Mid-Life Crisis is given by Lord Ram.,who believed that High Life is just accidental,Don’t get addicted by it.

Always keep a Channel Opened with Poor “Shabari” ! “saari duniya harzaai, sirf Maid ke pyaar mein hai sachhaayi “

Also be utmost brutal in Upholding ” Dharma” , Otherwise let Things Go

Lord Ram himself did “Let-Go” ,the most beautiful Ahalya, the first Women in his Life, despite owning her for freeing her from Bondage ! Hindus are Lucky,Unlike the Desert based ” Son of Gods

Hindu’s Avatars have given real Solutions to be applied , Lord Ram, the brute Force, Hard way, Lord Krishna ,the Softer,Intelligent way

Reason Telangana Karmabhoomi of Ram is Land for all Hard Frugal Start-Ups !

Somehow even Founders of Google,Microsoft,Amazon,Apple mostly XTians, figured out this too !

XTians have strange Problem,when their Mind or Vision becomes too big , either Negative or Positive they start acting Hindu !

Hitler,Himmler,Stalin or American Unicorn Founders who Loved Telangana, Land of Lord Ram behaved like Hindu !

dating sites fun facts Raajsik Bangalore versus Tapasvi Hyderabad

Bangalore doesn’t have such Nepalis owned Joints,even Chinese Food on small Shops is quite decent ! Somehow I feel Bangalore is quite “Saatvik”  You don’t feel like eating Non-Veg.

2 Weeks here and No Non-Veg, but in between 1 day I went to Hyderabad and ate Non-Veg all the 3 Times , also in Bangalore I eat only very High-Quality Food while in Hyderabad I could eat even at Nepali Chinese Shop too !

Telangana being ‘Vanvaas” Land of Lord Ram, you either hunt or beg to Eat  either Non-Veg or even Cheap Food possible !

Bangalore is “Saatvik” , so only Good Food !

Unlike Bangalore, Hyderabad has confined all the Out-Caste Java Developers to 1 part of City,So if you have to commute for 5-8 km within the City, it’s very romantic, much better than 10-12 yrs back.

Smart & small Companies now must now open the Office within the Hyderabad City.

Indian “Brahmin” Army of 1 Crore with 100% Reservation can Crush Islamic NATO !

dating sites african american singles Like Samajwaadis when Islamic Nations are Separate they become Strong 

I am Pained when Hindutva Ideology guys  keep Harping on Babar,Gazni,Gori etc 🙁

they were Samajwaadi Alliances . 1 Hindu leader getting other attacked for his Jealousy while Sufism Converted like Evangelists doing now !

Like Samajwaadis when Islamic Nations are separate they become Strong  , but when United like Ottoman or as Pakistan trying a Muslim NATO now, they will be Screwed heavily !

See this Video,how Dronacharya a Brahmin is frustrated !. Being an Archer, he killed his Beloved friend Drupad with Sword & with Love.


busco mujer soltera en venezuela imagine if India makes just “Brahmin” Force of 1 crore with 100% Reservations.

India would have 10 crore Frustrated Brahmins,we can give 100% Reservation  to make just a Brahmin Army of 1 Crore to Destroy all Islamic Nations at once & Kill like Dronacharya !

This would be over the main Army !

imagine if India makes just “Brahmin” Force of 1 crore with 100% Reservations.,

There will be no Bad Quality Food Videos ! Coz Brahmins can just Survive on “Dahi-Chiwda” , still fight ultra Hard and kill heavily like Parshuram !

great site India can Fight and Defeat all Islamic Countries at the same time with so Low Cost !

Muslims must support BJP, be Positive..Congress Fools them by showing Carrot that they can Take Over India !

Same Congress will make an Army of 1 cr “Brahmins” only with 100% Reservation  which can Fight all Islamic Nations at once

& Crush them too like Parshuram ! Like Ottoman Empire was Crushed in 1914 ! “Ahimsa” Guru Bapu  lead it !

Indian Muslims have Suffered Worst because of the Buddhist Cancer

since 2500 yrs ! BJP must Promote Muslim Women, Cure the Buddhist Cancer.

Along with Russia-USA , make Arabs submissive to Indian Muslim Women !

 Congress obsession with just Pakistan has to be ended

This independence Speech, 1 thing was good. Modi ji didnt spoke about Pakistan at all. That will solve most of these kind of issues !

Time to move on from Congressi & Gandhian obsession of Bhakti-Sufi combine which together with Congressi lust for Women & petty Sufi properties ☺ gives rise to multiple Pakistans !

Modi ji aligning with China while planing to 2X Powerful ! Ambani-Adani can produce 5000-10000 fighter planes on short notice ?

This will help pass on the cost of Islamist Separatism to Arabs. Once Arabs feel the Pinch, most issues will be solved. Congressi obsession of Sufi Pakistan along with Competition with China never allows this.

Sharad Tripathi and U.P have shown the way

Sharad Tripathi ji’s name will go in History. Those “Thakur” who has Samajwaadi,Congressi ‘khujali’  of “Harming within the System” must be punished, though not publicly ! U.P shows the way 👍

2500 yrs ago when “Thakurs” like Siddartha,Ashoka started competing with Brahmins with Buddhism, India was doomed Militarily forever.

No surprise instead of 5000+ Sukhois/Tejas etc we have Migs ! Sharad ji’s ‘Joota” will fix many things.

Further Modi ji must set a Process to punish guys like Shatrughan Sinha/Shorie etc, as in Soviet Union Communist party so that this “Joota” thing is not repeated or Modi ji does “Joota” thing himself with Traitors !

10 yrs of all “Cute” Politics happened during UPA has caused this !

36 Raffeles are needed, even if Modi ji has to bypass everything,declare Emergency ! Mostly Military focus for next 20 yrs ?

Also 8 Sukhois could chase away 24 F16s/Mirages,. Abhinandan’s Mig21 story has suppressed this good news. 
Sukhoi survived all fires from F16s !

Govt can kick HAL to work 24/7 to make 1000+ Sukhois at least !

Even SP-BSP and all Congress Spoiled Kids playing Anti-Brahmin game well

These ‘Tricks’ older Congressis like Sardar Patel,PVN used to be expert at. Hitting 2 Birds with one stone along with Media.

If Congress kids like SP/BSP could do same, then its Shame for BJP !

BJP has Sharad Tripathi kind of M.P who can Purge In-Disciplined cadres with “1 joota per sec” 
its Mahadev’s Message for BJP to turn into like Communist party of Soviet Union.Finish rest parties ! U.P has shown the way.

Even in Islamic NATO it will be the Moderate Sufi Nations which will be Pain.  Extremist Nations will be calmed by Brahmins

The Nation’s which produced real Mass Murderers ,Plunderers in name of Islam are now best friends of India e.g Afganistan, Central Asian Republics.

Ashraf Ghani calls Modi ji as brother and Khazakistan has Indian Military base

But It’s Love selling Sufi Nations like Punjabi Pakistan which are always at Conflict with India,Modi ji etc

Why ? Coz Sufism,Bhakti Movement,Pakistan etc all are Congressi stuff to play Hindu-Muslim,Caste Politics. They can never be at Peace with India.

Unfortunately the Punjabi,Sindhi,East Bengal,Kashmiri migrant Politicians have kept alive this Obsession & Romanticism with Pakistan than Moving-On from it


Telangana the “Karma-Bhoomi” of Lord Ram is Mecca of Smart Start-Ups

A Journey to Bangalore Airport, even in AC Car feels like Vaitarni River ( River to Hell !)

2.5 hrs in Car !  1998 after from Campus, we used to Travel in Wipro Bus, drooling on all Bong, Tamil Beauties,felt so Romantic ,

People used to build up Work and Life slowly  . Now arrogant Software Freshers get Car in just 2 yrs !

Like De-Monitization, Modi ji must Force the young “Ahankaari” Java Developers of Bangalore of less than 7 yrs Exp to lend their first Car to their Village Cousin , who can Run it as a Taxi !

Cars cost almost same as 1998, so all “Ahankaari” Developers buying it !

In contrast Hyderabad Developers show their Bike Skills  till 7-10 yrs , despite of their big earnings !

Reason, Hard & Smart Start-Ups, USA biggies etc happen in Hyderabad only.

When Starts-Up have disposable Money, they go to Bangalore for “Cool” Showoff !

Hyderabad Developers save goney & Give Value for Money too !

So Mitron, if you have “Greed for Saving“, be in Hyderabad ! I almost Survived on almost No salary in Hyderabad for last 1 year !

Hyderabad or Telangana Stay was the “StartuIp” Phase of Lord Ram

where Lord Ram lived in Frugality ,Fought Hard & Killed most of the Demons for 14 yrs. !

Telangana being ” Vanvaas”  area of Lord Ram, it has no specific Cuisine,you Hunt or Beg  & Eat !

Telangana Gods are also tough,.I promised to bring Offer Letter & Rs 100001 to Kesargutta Mahadev, If I get one very Luxurious & Feminine Corporate Job where I can show my Feminine Persuasion Skills,

But Telangana Gods never allow you to become Weak , Keep you in Frugal, War kind, Start Up mode always !

Telangana has Natural Frugal,Hard Life Start-Up Charm !

I being a Hindu can Figure that Out & Co-Relate but how could Microsoft,Facebook,Google,Amazon Founders feel the same ?

Bill Gates,Bezos,Larry Young etc were not Desperate for Govt SOPs, even Bangalore gave same but they Opened their first Centres Outside USA only in Telangana for Frugality & Hard Fight etc,etc !

Did they turned Hindu ?


Telangana Maids are best

Andhra Food is good.

Only 1 Time/week , I eat heavy and my Andhra Maid Saves min Rs 800-1000 on eating at Chutneys Restaurant !

Bangalore IT guys don’t handle their Kannadiga Maids well with deep Love , hence Congress could play on the Sentiments.Its never an Issue in Telangana, coz of mutual Love

Bangalore should be De-Populated , or High Flying IT guys Deported/Restrained to 1 part of City ! and without any Maids..They are creating National Security Risk .

All Murderous Ideologies either will be finished by Lord Ram or merge in him


Pleased to see genuine love for Lord Ram rising in Maharashtra ! Earlier only Madhuri Dixit used to remember him in songs !

A trillion dollar industry runs abusing Ram ! e.g Leftists,Periyarites,Bheem(s) Luytens,beside Evangelists/Jehadis etc,etc

Just dont ask for Temple ! For Lord Ram ,everything should be Disputed. He cant be tied in Bhakti Moment with Bhakti TV Preachers !

His hidden Power to affect world reduces. Every murderous ideology will be finished through him or merge in him !

Baba Ram Dev, Gurmeet Ram Raheem carry on the Tradition of Parshuram,Agastya,Vishwamitra

Sanatan Dharma has in-built Capitalism and its Positive Aspects

Patanjali by Baba Ramdev is a mega success in terms of Products Quality, Length,Depth and Distribution Efficiency.

Something for which Unilever was only known in India.


Now even Baba Gurmeet Ram Raheem launched his portfolio of Products.Babas like Gurmeet Ram Rahim & Baba Ramdev proved that Unilever could be Beaten on most of the aspects .

Why didn’t IITians ever thought this ?


Why only Pervert Babas are promoted

but somehow I saw this Baba Om ji on Big Boss ! he is Hated but never evicted ! there to just Prove that Babas can’t think beyond Women’s Clothes 🙂.

Target RSS ! Defame Hindutva as it is going on since Buddhist Viharas days.


Sanatan Dharma has in-built capitalism and its Positive aspects which promotes Innovation, Reward for Good Work etc,

but a coordinated efforts have been going on to either make the Hinduism too “Karam-kaand’ oriented or be just obsessed with trivial issues like Women’s Clothes !

Gandhi was the best Military Genius and Indian Army of WW1 & WW2, the best

Bapu was the common figure and Hero of World War 1 & World War 2

“Bapu” was the best Military Leader India produced,though whole Life he did Drama of “Ahimsa”

but never Stopped Indian Army from killing and helped people absorb 75K+ Casualties in both WW1 and WW2 !

Gandhi as a British Soldier
Gandhi as a British Soldier

“Karma”, Bapu was assassinated like Military Leader !

‘Satan’ got him executed like Other World War Generals, an Honor !

Only he was common in WW1 & WW2. Britain has no Forces, it was all Indians,Russians only Fighting ! USA mostly gave Funds & Tech.

After URI Attacks I feel our Army is badly equipped or trained to handle surprise Attacks,10 yrs of UPA Rule has Slackened it ?

Time for Modi  to give all protective Equipment, best Training, Make it more Offensive than Defensive.

WW1 and WW2 Army was so Offensive beating Ottoman and Japan ! What happened ?

Our Govts made Army a Bollywood Item. Now there are 0 Protests in Kashmir when Army acting really tough ?

Coward Kashmiris know when to get extra Aid !  Army has been slackened by Nehru & Congress Govts.

The kind of people Fingering,Tickling Modi ji after URI Attack, Bapu got them bumped in Famines,Riots like any WW2 Leader !

Bapu could have stopped Bengal Famine,Moplah Violence but he never did !

Inter-Org Treacherous Politics which Congress does can only work with Ahimsa

People are Jealous of Yogi Adityanath’s Energy ! He works like US President, from his Mutt instead of Country Houses !

If you can accept Sonia Gandhi, you have to accept Mughals too. Both were Congressi Set-Ups ,

Congis love to play Intra-Org treacherous Politics , Reason they harp on Peace, Tolerance,Ahimsa etc,etc !

Treacherous Politics only possible with Ahimsa & targeted at Hindus !

Mughals missed Industrial Revolution in 17th Century, their biggest Crime 🙁

Luckily Indian Army was good enough to save us in World Wars ! Else imagine how bad it would have been !


Modi Helping Hindus Move-On from Cow Obsession

Cow keeps Hindus a bit decent

Mitron, don’t make Cow as Weakness.Modi ji must make most Strict Laws to Protect Desi Cows only, like Black Buck.

Rest don’t care about Jersey, American or Mixed Breed Cows.Whole Leftist Politics around Cow has to be finished, once for all..

Sanatan Dharma minus ” Love for Cow” is as Ruthless & Brutal as Stalin’s Communism !

Cow keeps Hindus a bit Decent !

The day they get rid of the Weakness for Cow, then Russian Comrades will appear just Bhajan Singers before Hindu Warriors !!

Media, Leftists and Congress guys must know that they are arousing a Monster by making Hindus passive and not caring for Cow !

Shobha Day caused a great Outrage recently when she mocked Olypmpic Athletes but No mass Outrage when she talks against Cow,that was Cool.?

Such people lack Discipline and  cause great damage in War kind of Situation. !

Reason Stalin, the first ” Maargdarshak” of BJP  designed ” Gulaags”  or Labor Camps for them ! where Shoba De will be cleaning Utensils for her daily Meal !

Sanatan Dharma minus Cow is same as Stalin’s Communism.Modi ji must remove the Cow Weakness of Indians.

My dream of making India and Russia same brother Hindu Rashtras will be achieved,

but what Modi ji is saying is important on Gau-Rakshaks , he should have also said that most of Gau-Rakshaks are Congressisin disguise.

Dalits are the purest Hindus, they should be made Priests,Entrepreneur etc , etc. Works like Skinning, Sewage  etc can be given on Contract.

Congressis,Media will never make us Move-On from Cow ! ,

Modi ji has rightly slowly made us passive towards Cow coz Desi Cows are hardly Left & Most are Cross Breed !

With this Hindutva & Stalin’s Communism will become same !

In Communism too Comrade who Clears Gutter does with same pleasure as Comrade who rules. Both do Hard “Karma” !  Like 4 Varna System.

Stalin was a Bastard for Traitors but he was what an Ideal Hindu should be, Saintly Ruler! he Loved to eat Banaanas/Fish more than Beef !

his successor Kruschev got Obsessed with Steak   & Messed ! Stalin’s Food Habits were almost Pure Hindu  !

He Loved Fish & Lamb, Bananas & Beef rarely but wanted all Food Items from Soup to Main Course to Deserts to be served at once !

Reason was there was Food shortage and Beef more costly to produce.. Kruschev lost Control in Good days & USSR lost !

Same way Hindus must not eat Beef but Respect Desi Cow only !  Hardly few left, Most are Cross Breed.

Hindus Habits naturally tuned for War which USSR faced in 1914-53

((Hindutva minus Cow)==Stalin’s Communism )

the way Media, Congress shows, it makes you believe that only Cow-Hide is used to make Leather !  If we just burry the dead Cow,Leather will not be made ever !

This is the way Buddhist Viharas have Corrupted Society since 2500 yrs !

2 Strategic Varnas Kshatriya,Dalits like 2 Wheels of a Vehicle removed !

So never blame a Mullah Omar type Jehadi  when he blows up Nalandas, he is just on the “Duty of Satan” ! Better fix things yourself or Satan will do !

Hasim Ansaari the biggest Lord Ram Bhakt after Hanuman

Lord Ram doesn’t needs Temples, but Bhakts like Hashim Ansari

The biggest “Ram-Bhakt” has left Ayodhya , who by Lord Ram’s Grace Lived so long 🙂 to keep his name alive ,

else Hindus for their ‘Greed of Money’ & Opportunism  would have forgetten Ram like a physical Itch !

Funny that Hindus don’t make so much Money too after so much struggle but harm the Nation,Dharma and what not for some petty money !

Hasim Ansari, the real Ram Bhakt
Hasim Ansari,the real Ram Bhakt

Mitron, 1.3 yr Start-Up Journey, only thing I learned that if your Parents leave you a House, your Wife is Loving and you earn close to the 7th Pay Commission Junior Officer, Life is bliss !

May Lord Ram bless Hashim Ansari.he loves all, Ram` never needs a Temple, all Temples he himself made were dedicated to Moon-God Shiva,

e.g Kesargutta,Rameshwaram. Ayodhya’s main Deity is Hanuman .


Talking of Ayodhya,my Astrologer predicted, I will have 1 House in Delhi, 1 in Ayodhya 🙂 May be River Saryu facing big House ?

Mitron till 42 yrs, a Man earns for Family, then for himself,

e.g after “Ram-Bhakt” Ansari left Ayodhya, I want a palatial , Saryu-River facing house in Ayodhya, but not made from my own money.

Lord Ram turning into an Islamic Icon

Me-Lord’s along with Luyten Brigade turning Lord Ram into an Islamic Icon No Statues,No Temples,No Celebrations !

Just “Diyas” on Deewali  would be too Islamic ! Lord Ram also has “No Book” like Gita to his own Credit, Can be adopted by any one !

Then the Luyten Brigade and Congress, Socialists etc wont be able to play Hindu-Muslim Games ?

If that happens then Me-Lord along with Luyten Brigades have to beg !

Lord Ram still Purifying the Debauches

Magic of Lord Ram ! Lowest of Low-Lifes,Scums,Debauches etc start getting Pious Ideas 

Personally I believe that Lord Ram couldn’t be bound to Statues or Temples ! It’s good for tourism though !

Unlike Krishna, Ram’s Avatar Story isn’t fully completed, He will be back !

Lord Ram gave Model better than modern USSR

I have always said that India needs Presidential form of Govt else it will have a Dictator like Stalin in future.

All talk of Diversity etc is just to fund “Aiyaashi” of Media, Intellectuals.India is just 1/6th of Russia in size ?

Sadly when Lord Ram could establish a benign Dictatorship influencing from Arabia to Indonesia while just ruling over tiny Ayodhya ( True Federalism !) so long back ! Better than even USSR !

How come we, more modern not learn from it? Just fund Media’s Chilled Life !

Hanuman can be a God for all the Faiths ,Cuts all the Divides, a Global God–eUfL-sueDpUmk7HxB-iGAp8cq4jJlY4OumpHFaFxszG3oA5JpOIY
Must be Congressi Brahmins ! Good that Yogi ji can call Hanuman ji  a Tribal/Dalit. Valmiki was a Dalit,
Kevat was the perfect Transactional Busunessman or Vaisya, he took Gold Ring for his Services, despite Lord Ram being poorer than him.
All was so Good in Sanatan Dharma till Buddhist Viharas came. It Corrupted,Weakened the 2 Pillar Varnas i.e Kshatriyas & Dalits.
Islam helped clearing out Viharas to some extent but left back Sufism to keep Congressi Politics ticking ! 
Such bad is impact of Viharas that even Khalistani  Sikhs could  be considered as “Mool-Nivaasi” fighting Brahminism.
Yogi ji must not aim for PM post like every U.P leader does, rather focus on Reviving Hinduism. If Shivraj Chauhan  wins, he should be PM in 2024
Lord Ram cant be tied in Bhakti Moment limits–mWgniIW0Vn9tUAz6j67fb_eoeQ5alS3PyMnIY

Great, India needs to get rid of Cowardly/Divisive Leaders,who divide even Ram-Hanuman !!. That will be real tribute to Lord Ram, not the temple.

Due to influence of Buddhism, while ground soldiers remained brave,the leaders turned weak and cowardly.
No surprise British kind of intelligent race used our own Army to win World Wars against Ottomans,Imperial Japan !!

Lord Ram cant be tied in “Bhakti Moment” Romanticism. He signifies ultra Power. To make him happy, instead of temple ,BJP Online Warriors or Bhakts must get India rid of Cute, Cowardly and Divisive leaders !

Bengal shows that ram-Bhakts will coming in different ages


Its fun to see that lord Ram being becoming Lord of Mindless Violence for a just cause(Revolution/Resistance ) again ! One dayTtalibanis will turn Ram-Bhakt too !

Lord ram covers both Communist and Capitalist thoughts, e.g the way he treats his Colleagues as Comrades or loves Shabree but doesn’t pay much to any one (Communist) !

Lord ram is Capitalist too when Kevat takes his Gold Ring for his services,despite he being Poorer than Kevat.

Tulsidas made him Caricature Reason i say Bhakti-Sufi was all Congressi stuff ! Now its being fixed ! Reason Ayodhya Temple must not be made ! Lord should be free spirit !

Encouraging Processed Food Consumption will Solve Farmers Problem ?

Govt must make all main Food Items cheaper by Imports

Good Decision by Modi Govt to import ‘ Daal’ from Mozambique,few Black Marketers must do suicide,

they want the exorbitant rates to go for Years, their Greed not quenched by 1-2 months.  Further Govt must make all main Food Item Things cheap by Imports,

This Crisis won’t be there if Indian people were used to eating Processed Food.

Encourage ppl to eat Processed Food, e.g Prawn Pickle with Rice daily rather than Rs750/kg in 1 time Dinner or Lunch

Any Processed Food Item, which can be eaten with Rice or Roti and can substitute Dal and Vegetables ,must be made Cheap.

Encouraging Processed Food Consumption will Solve Farmers Problem ?
Prawns Pickle

Farmer issues won’t solve till Jamindaari System is back.

coz with the increased Machinery usage after making the Farm Labors arrogant and migrate to cities, Loan Waivers etc are just bandages !

but Looser Leftists with 7 star Luxuries will cry, if Govt moves toward Promoting the Jamindari system ,

So slow down Farming & import mostly and make ppl eat Processed-Food !

Encouraging Processed Food Consumption will Solve Farmers Problem ?
Processed Food must be encouraged

15 days in my Village on Mother’s Death , I realized, ppl want MNREGA Rates but also need pampering by Jamindaar,

U.P is undergoing Revolution, 2014 was just an indication !

even if BJP does badly due to local issues the Changes will happen,

Its like Kevat is looking for Lord Ram to pamper him, Sacrifice for him. Samajwaadis neither give MNREGA Rates, nor pamper, forget sacrificing !

coz Socialist Movement was based on just jealousy !

BJP is already accused of forcing Food Habits, must promote more dried Food Items

Dried & Frozen-Fish are now with 0 % Tax. Great, Indians have a bad habit of eating Fish/Chicken/Vegetables etc fully fresh !

BJP is already accused of forcing Food-Habits, Lets force people to start eating Dried Fish/Prawns/Vegetables.etc

Rice/Wheat are Nuisance Crops. Like Israel, India must import them from USA & focus on Fruits/Cheese/Fish/Vegetables etc etc.

Then No Smog or any “Farmer” Congressi drama  stories will be made !

I have just started trying “Dried Prawns”from In-Orbit Mall, you can mix small amount in any Green Vegetable & you can feel like eating Prawns, when you are actually eating Green Healthy-Vegetable !

Also Restaurant GST must be 0%. Eating Out should be Cheaper than at Home.

If that happens, then Rahul Gandhi doesn’t have to bother about China for Jobs generation ! India will have enough !

Middle Class must stop Cooking. Similar to Ola-Uber experience

All the Middle Class Cars are now used as Taxis by Ola-Uber. Now Middle Class needs compact SUVs at that cost.

e.g I loved Wagon R but now it sucks coz being used as Taxi. So won’t purchase for 2 yrs.

In India only Poor Java Developers are supposed to learn new skills,Re-Invent,Innovate etc. For rest sectors it is ‘Munshi’ or ‘Sarkari’ type jobs 😊

There will be much Revolutions around Middle Class. Business Sectors must be ready to cope-up

e.g after Middle Class stops Driving with Ola-Uber,then they should stop Cooking too with Swiggy,Zomato serving Home-Cooked food in future .
Middle Class must just focus on Work 👍. If that happens , few sectors will be hurt and few will benefi

Escaping Rituals,Harassing Brahmins Destroyed India forever

Nothing can Rejuvenate,Liberate you as much as village Rituals

My Mother Passed away at the age of 70.I did the Cremation at Ayodhya and all Ceremonies at my village..

After 14 yr gap(my marriage !) ,spending long time in my village for all Rituals for my late Mother, I realized that,

Nothing can Rejuvenate,Liberate you as much as village Rituals,reason villagers have High EQ,never produce ‘Aashique’ ! I feel Free !

Hindu Rituals and Brahmins are Hated
Shraadh Rituals…

Leftists starting with Buddhists have Screwed India

Most of my time was spent with Muslim Naai (barber) & a Hindu Pandit, both used to compete healthy way on Knowledge of Rituals !

I feel that Leftists, starting with Buddhists have screwed India ?

My Muslim Barber like a Doctor was so strict and forced me to follow Hindu Rituals !

but Sagarika Ghose type leftists who will never allow a Pig-Rearer in her Drawing Room will puke max against Rituals, Varna System !

Reforming Sanatan Dharma ,Fighting Brahmins became biggest Business

Except ‘Sati ‘why did we started hating so much Rituals,Varna System, Brahmins ?

We made a mockery of ourselves ? Reforming Sanatan Dharma ,fighting against Brahmins became biggest business ! 

I believe if Hindus follow Rituals , Jehadi Terrorism,Extremism will Stop ! 

Do Indian Seculars, Leftists think like XTians,

Reason Islam is never at peace with them despite all the Appeasement ?

but Arabs respect Modi ji and BJP as the “Top Civilian” awards of Modi from Saudi Arab,Afghanistan shows !

Always Pay Brahmins whatever u can and follow Rituals

I am surprised to see that why do those who can afford Mutton at Rs 400/kg with alcohol multiple times,

Cry so much on paying Rs 100 to Brahmins even once !

Brahmins and Barbers never charge Poor so much and Do ‘Jajmani’ Work out of Love & Culture  !

People turn max Rational like Chacha Nehru ! while paying Brahmins or following Rituals ?

Always pay Brahmins whatever u can and follow Rituals, else we all know what happened to rational Chacha Nehru’s Kashmir, East Bangladesh etc

now Forced to follow all “Islamic Rituals” !

Brahmans are a Marital Race, must be utilized well

Modi ji is Senti on a Tamil Brahmin Nirmala Seetharaman & she is making DRDO do Magic. India is in League of US,Russia,Israel !

Pakistan says that Brahmin India uses Sikhs as Cannon Fodders ! My Question is , Can Pakistanis face a pure Brahmin Army !

Brahmins are vegetarians , but if Modi ji forms an Army of Brahmins with 100% Reservations , they will even eat Pakistani Testicles !

coz they have been kept frustrated for last 2500 yrs by Buddhist Thought Process which Corrupted 2 Varnas, Kshatriyas & Dalits.

Modi ji must fix this ! Brahmins are strength of India, Play along with them as your Power !

Match “Karma” equally  with Rituals

Abusing Brahmins,Rituals have been a trillion Dollar Industry for last 2500 yrs ! Sadly promoted by Kings & Rulers since Ashoka to Congress !

Brahmins never make money of all this, But I have followed Rahul Gandhi’s advice and removed Anger from my blog ,

Now for 10 yrs min, wont add new Blogs, coz this blog was written over 7.5 yr under Markesh Graha influence or under the influence of various remedial Yajnas like Mahamrityunjay, I am yet to figure out ☺

Anyways I quoted all this to show that always trust & do Rituals, but they will work only when you do Good Tantra “Karma” in between !

e.g I have Decided to not outgrow my Wipro Boss,be a C Grade Aashiq to my Colleagues.

So this “Tantra Karma” will neutralize bad Grahas in parallel to the Rituals !

Rise of U.P will fix lot of things


With rise of U.P like a Sleeping Giant, slowly the Bhakti-Sufi combine which fakes as Reformists but keep generating future Pakistans will vanish.

This guy Agnivesh has build fortune over abusing Brahmins,Brahminical Rituals but dont want to let go to leverage a photo-op of a Brahminical Ritual of a Brahmin Atal ji ☺

It was not external attacks but the Viharas then Bhakti-Sufi combine which turned Hinduism to an exotic Drug !

Rise of U.P will end this industry. Jai U.P !

BJP Online Warriors will fix this Sickness like a Doctor

Most of the guys here have been Lifetime Anti Brahmin Dominance Crusaders ! Now they are happily becoming Slaves of a Brahmin Mamta and a ‘Janeudhaari’ Rahul 🙂
that too against an OBC ‘Teli’ Modi, Beacon of Social Justice ?
Indians specially Hindus mix Politics with 3rd Middle Class petty Jealousy, reason despite being one of biggest Winners of World Wars, they are looked down.
Hindu DNA has been Polluted by Buddhism,Bhakti moment,Sufism etc,etc…. BJP Online Warriors or ‘Bhakts’ will be like Doctors and cure it .