Bhojpuri Film Industry Negates the Aryan-Dravidian Divide Theory !

My Housekeeper making me see lot of Bhojpuri Movies,they have now became like Southern Movies !

But Bhojpuri Actors are much poorer than their Southern Counterparts ,despite having bigger audience, coz of Hindi Movies !

One day Eastern U.P, Bihar Leaders will oppose Hindi too like South !

Congress & Leftists are instigating Aryan-Dravidian Divide by Movies/Fake Researches , Not noticing a “Silent-Bloodless-Revolution”.
New generation Bhojpuri Heroes have started looking like Telugu Heroes !. Also lot of Telugu movies dubbed in Bhojpuri !

Bhojpuri Actress

Aryan-Dravidian divide doesn’t matters in Heroine Choices..Both Bhojpuri & Tamil/Telugu Heroines look same Size wise !
It’s difficult for 2nd generation, wealthy migrant Mumbai girls to act as ‘Down-Market’ Bhojpuri heroines !
But Bhojpuri Heroes will always remain ‘Down-Market’, max they can become M.P or MLA..No respect like the Khans ! Or the South Heroes !
But what pains is that even after SP/BSP/RJD/JUD, Communists  etc,etc dominating politics for so long,
still the Main Villain remains a “Thakur” !  now as a “Thekedaar” ! A real compliment or the usual “Nehruvian-Failure” like many others ?
taller para solteros cristianos Dinesh lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’  joining BJP is real Social Justice
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Also Its interesting to see that whole Bhojpuri Industry,regardless of Caste divisions is with BJP 👍

Of all, Country must be In-debted to Manoj Tiwari forever.

By doing 2X Stupidity, Tiwari along with Shazia,Bagga(Secularism !) stopped Kejriwal from scaling up and becoming another Bapu !

This is real Social Justice. Bhojpuri Industry Superstar Yadav supporting BJP. After all Modi ji is also an OBC Teli.

India belongs to OBC & Dalits. Upper Castes in past have became “Darbaris” and had Congressi fun during Mughal,British time e.g Raja Man Singh 

They didnt captured Australia,Newzealand,or Arabia ,the low lying fruits. So they must now support ‘Teli’ Modi ji, Dinesh lal Yadav etc rather than fake Dattareya Janeudhaaris 

Upper caste must try to do good work like Gadkari,Rajnath,Piyudh Goel etc


Kerala is proving to be the new “Kalinga” with its Beef Obsession ! Will help Revive Sanata Dharma North East will Rule India in Future as they are more Broad Minded

While Keralites and the Dravidian Tamils are busy hating Modi, Hindi, BJP ,Cow,Hindutva etc,

North East Patriots under Modi ji are trying to bring even Mayan Civilization into Sanatan Dharma Fold ,

coz anything Tribal/Exotic is Sanatan & Lord Ram spent his life among Tribals & Loved them !

i see that Kerala Leftists, TN DMK/AIDMK guys hate Modi coz Gujju Bhai played foul , learned Hindi and started Ruling U.P & India.

How will they digest when North East guys who give “Full-Body-Massage”  in SPAs now, start Learning Hindi,Ruling U.P & India ?

Now Mother Teresa name will not get Jobs even in MNCs.I am sure under Modi ji, North East guys will start respecting Cow too very soon when shown benefits to Farmer/India

& most of them will Re-Convert back too !

Buddhism was also an Upper Caste Agenda only

Leftists including Bengalis must understand that Buddhism they love so much over the ancient Sanatan Dharma is also a North Indian , ‘Upper-Caste’ stuff.

Kerala & Congress are reviving the ancient Hindutva. Kerala specially is turning new “Kalinga” ! One “Kalinga” brought Buddhism, other one i.e Kerala will finish it.Good. Will Restore pure “Dharma” !

Cow Economy eliminates Tractor/Diesel/Harvestors coz of which Farmers are indirectly paying heavy tax and getting screwed !

Crushing Leftist Forces/Media is Upholding “Dharma” in India. Will bring Peace with Islam

Fond of fiddling in Kashmir affairs Congress crosses ‘Lakhsman Rekha’ How will current India face World War 2 which Soviet Union faced ?

If India is threatened with Extermination which Soviet Union faced in 29th century from much Powerful/Rich Germany,

how will all these Traitor Congressis,Media Play out ?

Do we need 1 Stalin 🙂 for Purges. There will be definitely a big War, started in Arabia/Pakistan/China hitting us in next 15-20 yr.

Stalin feels like “Devata”. At least ensure that Modi ji Yogi ji are there for next 25 yrs !

World War1/World War 2 India was dragged and lost both 1 lakh Soldiers in each & 5 million Civilians due to Famine !

Journalists work so hard to bring back Congress but are so Scared ! how much Congress Spoiled them !

How will they live in “Gulaags” ! there will definitely be a Hindu Dictator in league of Hitler/Stalin(3rd Antichrist !) after Modi ji and Yogi ji !

then they will miss Modi ji & Yogi ji & will Worship them ?

Personally I will love to Watch Sagarika Ghose wash Utencils in “Gulaags” like a Maid ! her heart bleeds for Poor ?

More hints Crushing Maoism Militarily/Ideologically will take of Oxygen Supply of China

Nehru & Congressis were such a slave mindset , why didn’t they worked under Jinnah like a MNC, they already did that to Mughals & British !

After Freedom based on Communal Partition, Congress promoted such Leftists Jokers !

Why won’t Pakistan,ISIS,Maoists will feel that they can enslave India ?

If “Buddha-Gandhi”  selling India Crushes Maoism most ruthlessly, it will be the biggest Blow to China !

Maoism crushed most murderously in India will break China,coz unlike Stalin & Comrades who were forced in War Time, Mao was a Criminal & used ‘Peace-Time’ to build the Maoist Cartel.

But, in India, any Nuisance turns into an Anti-Brahmin Fight, till few Congressis are murdered !

CNN-News18 journalist spreads fake news about gang-rape over beef eating in UP

site de rencontre var Buddhism was also an Upper-Caste Agenda

Bengali Leftists have to go to this extent to hate Modi & Hindutva,they need Counselling,

Today coz of them a total Organic,Natural,4 Varna based ‘Bloodless-Revolution’ is going on which will affect from Arabia to Indonesia !

Bengali Leftists must understand that , Siddartha or Buddha which they love so much was also same Upper Caste,North Indian Male !

la rencontre speed dating dijon Most Wars of Medieval period were Secular Permutation & Combinations

Only 1 War India has Fought with Islamic World, that was with Ottoman Empire in World War1 & that created all the Arab States including Saudi Arab,Iran,Iraq etc !Bapu was General of it !

Bapu was a Military Genius & hence Died like a Military Man !

Rest all Wars were “Secular Permutations & Combinations” only, involving occasional breaking of Temples etc, etc !

Congressis of those times benefited from these Conflicts , as they do now !

Understanding this is very important ! Even Afgan wars including Panipat were Localized events only.

Even in Peace-time Congressis never do anything good for “Dharma”, except encouraging Loudspeaker Bhajans to create more smalltime Conflicts !

buy Viagra 130 mg in Fort Wayne Indiana Lord Ram’s Governance Model was even better than USSR

If over this, BJP Crushes Maoism ruthlessly, most of Chinese States will break like Arunanchal & Balochistan !

‘Ram-Bhakt’ BJP will lead to Ram-Rajya, where though Ram used to rule over tiny Avadh himself but from Arabia to Indonesia was aligned with him Ideologically !

but before that BJP has to differentiate between ‘Devata saman’ Stalin & the evil Mao ! Stalin has “Dharma” with him !

BJP must unite Hindutva-Communism. Sitaram Yechury makes it appear ugly ! Congress keeps it to Cow eating only !

Dalits have to Step-Up to Chandragupt Maurya. Cute ‘Ambedkar’ Model wont Work !

rencontre gay saint die Dalits are Richer & Powerful now, so some Responsibilities

What innocent Dalits don’t realize is that unlike Mughal-British era where they don’t have Money, now they have enough Money & Political Clout.

Any Force willing to take over India e.g Jehadis,Maoists,Evangelists or Pakistan will not let them remain cute Buddhist Ambedkarite Dalits !

If they convert, the Rich Maoist,Church or Islamic leaders will crush them utmost ruthlessly in Classless society. All  areequal there !

So they have to Stand-Up , Fight, eliminate all Maoists,Jehadis etc  like Chandragupt Maurya.

.If they do this, Upper Caste Load will reduce and they will become their “Bhakts” like they do to “Teli” Modi !

spacer dating maggie Dalits cant take Escape Route now like Ambedkar

Congress along with Anti-National Forces are Working so hard to Ignite a Dalit anger to remove BJP,

but issue is that Dalits now have to take Leadership Positions, everyone will support them like people supported OBC “Teli” Modi !

they can’t escape by route which Ambedkar took,converting to Buddhism and just sucking from inside.

Rather Dalits must become like Chandragupt Maurya. Rule,Defeat & Kill ISIS,Jehadis,Maoists. Kill & get killed like a “Kshatriya” !

Upper Castes Load will be reduced and they will be happy & Faithful to the Dalits. like they are to Modi now.

Personally I am happy with Saharanpur Violence..”Thakurs” should face some Humiliation indeed. !

They converted to Buddhist Monks,Competed with Brahmins, then Worked for Mughals & British like “Jealous” employees of MNC.

Or else Saharanpur shouldn’t be having 40% Muslims !

First time Dalits are fighting else from Buddhism days to Ambedkar to Bapu to Mayawati, all very passive,

just to get some benefits, Now Dalits must become aggressive, rule and fulfill my Dream of dominating from Arabia to Indonesia !

Shouldn’ t just stop at some more Reservations.

sie sucht ihn 65549 Making Ram Nath ovind as President Candidate is a Step in that direction.

Upper Caste, Hindi Belt party BJP made 2 Non-Hindi speaking state guys and OBC as PM and 1 Dalit as President.

Dalits Promoted by BJP are more Sober,Educated & Decent than even Brahmins, reason they don’t generate Money for Luyten !

Jignesh Mewani type Dalits must take over Congress

Jignesh Mewani must take over Congress & become President ,finish Rahul & others.Dominate from Indonesia to Arabia.

I will be Slave to such Dalit Leader. My issue is that all Dalit,Socialist leaders help in electing a Brahmin Congressi ( Buddhist system !) .

Weakening India & Dharma like Termites before falling to Jehadis/Maoist !

A Lesson for BJP Leaders to shed their Middle Class Jealousy & Cheapness .With such huge Army of BJP Online “Bhakt” Warriors,can’t they promote few to tackle these ?

Dalits being militant too, will make Muslims most valuable assets

What a Shame ? Having an OBC pm,Dalit president ,all Leftist block is hell bound to make Brahmin Rahul as PM & Upper Caste Congress in Power.

Modi ji & BJP’s soft approach for Media & Luyten Destroys them. My Caste hero “Badmash” Chacha Diggi raja treated Luyten as a brothel.

Modi ji must learn from Diggi ! Upholding Dharma bigger than own Image.

Dalits must be beware of Jignesh types, Doing Arson equates them with Muslims, which Ambedkar avoided !

System will always favour Muslims, if Dalits turn militant,coz Muslims have strategic usage Internationally,

they can produce Suicide Bombers for India if pampered & loved well

I myself will prefer Muslims over Buddhists,XTians ! So BJP indeed getting “Acche-Din”,Respect for Muslims ! Funny being branded as Communal party !

So after this initial orgasam of Hate Modi goes, Dalits have to turn “Kattar Hindu” like Valmiki,Ved-Vyas days ! No Option !

SC/ST Act is preventing them from getting Pvt Sector Jobs

SC/ST Act row: Opposition responsible for 10 deaths in Bharat bandh, says Amit Shah

When Congress does any Agitation, it always harms the supposed beneficiary ! e.g if Bapu hasnt done Non-Coperation Time-Pass ! , then Bhagath Singh,Chandrasekhar Azaad wont have died ?

Same here, Dalits would have got jobs heavily in Pvt Sector after dilution of this Act , but Congress made them agitate with 10 deaths.

Political Master Stroke by Modi ji to puncture the Anti-Dalit Painting by Opposition ?but a big harm to Dalits in term of Pvt Sector Jobs. Who will arrest risks of arrest for Layoffs ?

Upper Caste Voters will still vote BJP , but to compensate the financial loss of Dalits , Modi ji must promote Stand-Up India for Dalits, they must do Start-Ups with “Thakur” as Mentors ☺ for Rs 50k/month ? For 1hr/day ? That will be true Social Justice.

I am proud of BJP Online Warriors or Bhakts.They make Revolutions, Politics a fun. No more Azaads,Bhagat Singhs etc needed to die !

Modi ensuring that no “Garibi-Hatao” for  50  yrs

Modi ji ensuring that next 50 yrs no body can do Drama of “Garibi-Hatao” or even Social Justice as both are achieved !

Personally I would have preferred SC-ST act to be diluted as this would have benefitted them to get Pvt Sector Jobs heavily but they got fooled by Congress and others in doing Violence for it .

So General Category can enjoy Pvt Sector money peacefully for next 20-30 yrs ! After that they can be moved to Teaching/R&D/Sports and other soft jobs by another BJP PM !

All those promoting NOTA for BJP GC voters are those who can even find virtues in ISIS, if they get some petty Kerosine License or GRP D jobs ☺ No surprise just 1 lakh British ruled us ! We are too Middle Class !

Next Modi ji must Kill this Pakistan Obsession. Congressis cant Move-On from Good-Time they had with Pakistanis , specially Women !

Modi ji must make China as Greater U.P, Be militarily 2X Powerful but No competition with China at all in other areas. To support Western Fantacies , India has to absorb lot of Evangelists, Pastors, NGOs !

Modi ji must also along with China, pass on some of the costs of Indian Muslims to Arabs ! Arabs never bear any cost.

U.P & Manipur Elections will Disrupt and bring Changes from Israel/Arabia to Indonesia

Muslim Women as Neo ‘Brahmins’ by “Karma”

With U.P elections, BJP has established 4 Varna System Power by proving Muslim Women as Neo ‘Brahmins’ by “Karma” !

Relationship between Ram & Kevat should Kill any Leftist Crib

Also U.P Proved that Lord Ram-Kevat-Nishad Raj operated as a Team, each doing his own “Karma” as per 4 Varna System

No one,either Ram or Kevat, cribbing that one kept the other Poor, this crib or corruption was started by Buddhist viharas.

the Corruption in “Dharma” brought by Buddhist Viharas,going till date by all Non-BJP parties

Next will be to Promote OBC Muslims like Naai,Julaha etc and get them their Rights from Saudis/Iranians & even Pakistanis !

U.P Results will Disrupt from Israel/Arabia to Indonesia.

One of My Dream in will be fulfilled !

Next will be to Unite Stalin’s Communism with Hindutva as both are the Power of 4 Varna System !

Stalin should be BJP’s first Maarg-Darshak !

North East guys Love Lord Ram brand Hindutva I.e “Love with lots of Rogue Charm “. You can be a bit Rogue for their Love, while upholding “Dharma”


e.g at a Company party one Manipur Massager offered to do “Sh*g” me for Rs 2000,but then her hidden Wish was, that i would refuse and pay her some Money !I did exactly the same !

Paid her Rs1000. They Love Rogue Charm, Upholding “Dharma” like this !

So follow “jaaki rahi bhaavana jaisi,prabhu moorat dekihi…..”

BJP dominating North East with U.P as Centre will bring Lord Ram era of Hindutva 

With Strategic-Changes from Israel/Arabia to Indonesia,without much violence & Deaths unlike the World Wars

North East needs this Lord Ram style “Hindutva” Kick

Congress can’t give it, Reason they converted, adopted Militancy . Congress who declares Lord Ram to be Fictional can never give that Kick to North East, only BJP can.

Saudi Arab & most Arab Nations need to be taught Ideology of Lord Ram !

i.e when you make such huge number of Poor to follow your Faith,Dharma,Ideology whatever !

You need to serve them like Lord Ram shared his Ring with Kevat in time of poverty.

You have to Care for them like Kevat and give them your Gold Ring when you are really even Poorer than Kevat !

But for this we need 30-40 yrs BJP Rule and with Diggi guiding Modi ji & BJP, Congress can’t think beyond petty Greed & Jealousy !

U.P Regional  Parties cant be as Corrupt as South ones

Good ! Modi-Yogi ji must not allow U.P based Regional Parties and its Cronies to become Corrupt like South Indians one !

South Indian Parties can divide a State for Greed of Hyderabad Real Estate ! U.P and India cant afford that !

So max only Transfer-Posting money must be allowed ! No Grand Corruption. IAS officers themselves never make big money ? How can they alow Smaller ones to be Billionaire !

Modi-Yogi combine has to groom Yadav ji for next level of Leadership ! Not to compete with Congressis in Grand Corruption,

But to ask Right Questions , e.g why Saudi Arab,Iran not paying the same Price for Imperialism which Europeans paid ?

Why are Saudi Arab/Iran paying the Cost of Muslims having extra Kids !

Yadav ji has to Scale up else they will turn Jokers like Diggi etc

Showing U.P backward is  Cottage Industry

U.P is among the top contributors to Kerala ! U.P must be top 3 Tax Payer state too, if you add GST and Petrol-Diesel Tax.

U.P like a Giant sleeping for ages ! It was forced to appear more backward than it actually is coz it gives Orgasms to Congressis , Lefties, Media.

Whole industry runs on painting U.P as Tax-Money Sucker, backward ☺

U.P Rising will change the World without much violence. It was rising in 1990s but sadly Atal ji only slowed it by promoting Mayawati etc, being too soft on Media etc.

Yogi ji and Modi ji will ensure that (Ayodhya-Seoul) turns Greater U.P !

U.P Police gives 1 day salary to Kerala . With 2 lakh policemen and avg salary Rs 500 per day, its around Rs 10 cr.

Along with Rs 15 cr by Govt, U.P crosses even Telangana in Aid .

Hopefully now Kerala Journalists based in Noida cover U.P with more Objectivity ! They must appreciate rising of a sleeping Giant since ages.

U.P can redefine the meaning of Religion and help the world solve most of the Conflicts

Modi ji has a great Timing in his Political Slot. By making a Muslim Journalist resign, he is making a Muslim women remember “Durga” !

Most of the journalists involved in #MeToo are from the most Intellectual states or the most Backward States e.g Jatin Das or Alok Nath Jha !

None from U.P.Coz “U.P ke Ladke” know that “No means No”. They are suave,sophisticated,practical etc,etc. U.P ke ladke focus more on “Shabari” kind Maids,eat their “Jhoothe Ber “,than chasing Rich Women OR “U.P ke Ladke”  do “Raas-Leela”  with Consent .

U.P guys are  practical in all aspects including Religion, e.g i dont it Non-Veg in Navratri but if it is served free in business meeting or in flight,then i gulp it  but U.P guys like me know what is true Dharma coz they are screwed maximum by Grahas,Goddesses, Past bieth Karma etc,etc..,They know Remedies ,’Tantr-Vidya’ too ☺

U.P was sleeping like a Giant since ages.It needs to wake up for mankind, but for that you need to finish  duplicate  “U.P ke ladke”  like Papou,’Toti-chor’ along with “Daulat ki beti” etc,etc

Jai U.P, Jai BJP ruled states.

Discovery of India Writers who wrote book to hate U.P, stuck to it like Pests

Great. Congress,Media,Luytens etc just cant digest anything good happening to U.P. Real Enemies of U.P and India.

Imagine Pakistan has 400 fighter planes and we have just 700, not 7000 & mostly Crashing ! U.P was backward, but this is what Progressive guys,Writers of Discovery of India have done to us ? Stick to U.P like Pest !

Uttar Pradesh rising like a Giant after 5000 yrs of Sleeping will dusrupt from Arabia to Indonesia and Ayodhya to Seoul. Just support Modi ji.

Jai Uttar Pradesh. Its a Giant rising after 5000 yrs of Sleeping .

U.P will do wonders, disrupt from Arabia to Indonesia, Ayodhya to Seoul. It will build 10000 Fighter Planes/Tanks etc too with Defence Corridor.

Sadly “Discovery of India” writers who wrote books to mock U.P, stuck to it like Pest  for votes, their Clan dtill doing it. Modi ji liberated it.

U.P will shift India to Soviet Union.USA type big Nation

So much belief in the System,Police even by the Sex-Workers ! Jai Modi,Jai BJP,Jai U.P. Unimaginable earlier.

Luytens living in Noida comfortably, spit on U.P, little realizing that BJP Online Warriors have turned Indian Poor into American/Russian by Soul.

Now they need One Nation -One Election, Presidential form of Govt,so that rather than fightinng for saving 4 districts of Kashmir, we add more Land/Nations to the ndian Union.

Parliamentary firm of Govt is for small Nations.India has almost 0 diversity. Modi ji must not care for Regional Parties. All their 5000 exploitation or Pride stories is just for few $$$. Buy them out or call Dr. CBI !

Selling Mother Teresa,Buddha won’t get Jobs in USA. Only Fighter Gods like Mahadev will !

Old Service Sector Model of Engagement with Americans won’t Work

Kanas Shooting Incident pointed out one very important  aspect, that the days of the traditional Engagement mode of Indians with Americans is done with.

No longer we can act Cute Selling Mother Teresa and Buddha and snatching all the Jobs there.

Indian Shot at Kanas

Generate Jobs for Americans rather than just Sucking Money

Indians are Rich now after last 25 years of Economic Reforms. Why go to USA for Study ?

Rather use your Dad’s 6th Pay Commission Salary and Bribes to do Start-Ups and give Small-Time jobs to Americans

but only Short term like a Grand-Pa who lives for small Time ! Only Tactical, Strategic Engagement, else you will be screwed !

Indians can’t act Cute now, selling Buddha,Mother Teresa and snatching all the Jobs !

While Indian Govt not even importing Chicken Legs from USA for appeasing the Muslim Votebank  ?

America needs only Fighter Gods Worshipers now like Mahadev ! Ultra Communal !They generate Jobs and never Snatch it !

Selling Mother Teresa,Gandhi wont get Jobs in USA


Time for Buddhist-Evangelist mix Politics which Congress,Socialists,Leftists,Media do is over now

Harming India since 2500 yrs. Mother Teresa,Buddha etc won’t get Jobs now in USA . You can’t Snatch Jobs faking as Weak !

America and India need Fighter Gods like Mahadev who generate Jobs. Mahadev was common or Dev-Daanav & anything Exotic.

A little bit Touch of Hinduism to USA will generate huge Jobs

if Modi ji Convinces Trump to do such Aaartis of Maa Mississippi , Maa Missouri in USA ?

Imagine the small time Jobs generated in USA..and Respect for India,always look from Eyes of Muslim Women, not their Male Folks !

Time Hindus think big rather than showing ‘Buddhist’ Small-Time Smartness in saving some Rs100-200 which a Poor Brahmin “Panda” makes !

RSS must became a bit American to attract Mass

Modi ji must not pit Smriti against Rahul Gandhi, who is Visionary !

Boundaries of Nations will be blurred e.g between India & USA. If RSS allows Women in Shorts,

then it can Win over lots of Judeo-Protestant ,Pagan,Atheist population in West !

If not that far then at least in India, RSS & BJP will win over Anglo Indians . Rahul ji always does good for BJP.

Remember if Bollywood shows Thakur as Villain or Dacoit then it also shows Anglo Indian Women in Shorts  with the Drunkard Dad !

GulMehar Episode shows that Sleeping Communities like Jaats and North East Rising

Leadership Urge in Giants like Haryana Jaats or North East

Leftists & Congress are not realizing that by doing this drama like GulMehar, they are arousing the Leadership Urges in giants like Haryana Jaats or North East guys like Kiren Rijuju,

who were usually pretty happy otherwise, doing small Jobs

If Jats have Wished , there would have been No Mughals in India

but they were too Happy in their little world ! Even now, if India wants, it can make 20 to 30 lakh Army from Haryana itself !

To fight whole Middle East at once, including Pakistan !

First time North East Minister so Proactive and Patriotic

Kudos to Modi ji and Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar to take out the Jaats from concept of Village to “Dharma” & Nation

If Jaats had the concept of Nation & ” Dharma”, most Mughal Romantic Story would have finished in just few days only !

Haryana Jaats have first time taken on the Ugly Left

Only Haryana itself can give Army to Handle whole Middle East along with Pakistan any day .

Also happy to see that my favorite Class of Women i.e Jaat Women  Rising to the Occasion .

Wish Durga Maai had made me Physically Fit enough to play 3 different Sports i.e Morning,Evening, Night one with a Jaat Women !

Our Kids will turn AAPTards

with the same ‘Self-Destructive’ Western Punjabi Romantic Virus as Sunil Dutt  has ,courtesy the Mother Teresa Injection given to them at Corporate Schools.

Sadly Mother Teresa will not help getting Jobs in USA now !

Our generation has to Work for very very long,every one of us has to be a Subramanian Swamy(77 yrs !) till he lives.

Congress was Dominated by PVN between 1984 to 1996..He Hhdeously promoted Hindutva fooling Rajiv Gandhi !

Reason our generation like that ! PVN used to wear Khaki Nikkar under Dhoti !

Few Hard Start-Up Tips !

I will Run a Legendary Doctor Chauhan kind of Sex Advisory Franchise for Hard Start-Ups

On Recruiting Americans and Expats

First time I like NR Murthy when he said Service Companies must Recruit Americans,

only thing will I contend is that if you can’t give an American or British greater than 10% Stake then don’t recruit him fulltime rather

Recruit an American/British as a Grand-Pa  whom you meet periodically and who will be Dead soon !

I have engaged American Architects for 4-5 Days only ,multiple times !

Our ultra Smart Ass Desis don’t get that Americans & British are hard core Patriots unlike them & unless they own the Company (greater than 10% stake)

they screw you hard & take Revenge of the Job Losses of all theie brothers due to Outsourcing ! Seen at Wipro & few other places,

And a Hindutva Ideology Patriot Indian like myself is hated like Russians by them !

Russians don’t do Jobs in MNCs, but still own $2 million Houses in London,Own many Businesses in West .

Big Brother Russia’s Sins is paid by Indians like me. Despite all my Flattery,Buttering, I am usually assasinated ( Laid Off with 11 months Salary !.)

Team Building

Hard Start-Ups should have No Big Bang Team Building Event.Rather Comrades must have few Vices & be allowed to practice their Vices,daily basis on Job till it doesn’t affects Work !

Comrades must be allowed to Drink,Watch Videos, talk Politics ,Women etc,etc on Job ! Every Moment is a Team Building Event !

Comrades are also allowed to Stab each other from front & a little from back  but never feel Cynical of the System,

200% Belief in System needs to be forced.Conflicts need to be resolved in Ugly way  only !

coz Comrades must have 0 Conflicts or 0 Comrades !

Big Bang Team Building to be done only in Stable Corporates & by “Pyaar ki Badariya” Managers like my beautiful Wipro Boss ! You don’t feel Cynical of it !

She just took us for few Veg Pizzas,Meals, talked of Team Bonding & wow ! We feel bonded for “Janam-Janamantar”(across Death & Births cycle).

Mitron, Seems BJP leaders read my Post, like I call my Boss beautiful ,they also started calling Smruti Irani beautiful !

Good Change. Joker Congressis, make it too Pakistani !

Tones of Shero-Shayari etc,etc,etc

Getting Deceived by Small Time Leadership Skills

Unless your Start-Up has Stabilized & You can digest some Nonsense or you yourself want to Play Naughty ! then

Always Fire the guy, Showing extra Hunger & Greed or Samajwaadi (Small-Time) Leadership , Out to Surpass others ! And asking for Rewards !

Comrades “Good Days” Come together ! Only their Daily Vices need to be taken Care. Off..They can’t Outgrow each other , till IPO !

This become more Complex in Indian Start-Ups .Founders forget that Indians have natural “Munshi”  Skill to flatter.

& a bit Samajwaadi Skill you make you feel like a Bad-Ass  with a Criminal element to Extract some Money !

Most Founder’s specially those from Western Culture,fall for such Skills,

but neither they are Bad-Ass ,nor the “Munshi” a Super-Hero , throwing some Money will only make the “Munshi” conspire against the Comrades  and will screw everything !

So Comrades Culture based Start-Ups must ruthlessly eliminate these “Munshis” at the first sight !

0 Conflicts or they have to be resolved in ugly way !

Western style of Soft but constant Conflicts  & bitching don’t work !

Respect the Non-Ambitious Girl in the Start-Up

If there is a Non Tech,Non Career Focussed Women in your Start-Up,please ensure she leave Rich !it’s like “Tantra” Pooja !

We had such a girl, my dear friend,our Org grew billion dollar setup when she was around but decayed once we forgot her !

I just reconnected and asked her to bless my next 10 yrs Career & my Hindutva politics which I have to monitize !

Should Upper Caste of India Convert to Islam once to Uphold Dharma like Vishnu took Varah Avatar !

Will Upper Castes will always remain Hindu, Patriotic, Work Hard full 24/7 to Compete against China, USA !

All this Buddhist Politics ( Congress,Socialists,Left) as shown below in images  is like behavior of a ( Loose Women) .

They think that the so called Upper Castes will always remain Hindu, Patriotic, Work Hard full 24/7 to Compete against China, USA !

While they can Fu*k around like a Loose Women!

By the Grace of Satan ! Islam has Destroyed, Murdered or Converted such Buddhist Pockets only to save Sanatan Dharma !

1-2 Temple breaking in between was like Sonia Jailing Asaram Bapu, are we able to do something about it ,even now ?Congressis of those times would have presented it a Real Estate Issue !

e.g Bhagat Singh was a terrorist in 1931 ! & Martyr now for the Congressis ! Same for Netaji !

Does Upper Castes have to act like Varah-Avtar

Mitron, like Vishnu used to Convert to different forms including a Pig  to Uphold “Dharma” , it will be good that BJP voters start Loving “Shariyat” for few years !

Congressis/Samajwaadis etc will turn biggest Hindus  Even Pakistanis will start searching for their Hindu Roots !


Leftists are Cowards, they hide behind Dalits, Tribals,Muslims

For 1 year BJP must follow “Shariyat” !

50 Lashes every Friday for Pranav Roy  and pure Patriarchal “Burqa”,Mandatory Male Companion for Barkha Dutt !

Uphold “Dharma” and then Revert !

Leftists are Cowards, they hide behind Dalits, Tribals,Muslims to Provoke them for violence & themselves enjoy on their Cost ,

when caught or when they turn Weak like this guy, they blame RSS to get support of Opposition !

A Leftist Calculation is always based on that Upper Caste will never Convert !

& they can play all their Games. ! What if Upper Castes Convert temporarily  to Islam ?

Imagine the Fun,every Friday, we can flog Rajdeep Sardesai under Sharia  Monitor Sagarika with Religious-

Police ? whether she is fully covered or not. She is with Male Relative or not !

Mitron, Living close to Avadh Begams  for sometime has brought this Satanic idea in my mind to Uphold “Dharma”.

Avadh Begams like Shazia Ilimi always Strengthen “Dharma” !

U.P Public needs BJP to give Lord Ram & Kevat Kick & make Shazia Ilimi a Brahmin

It may happen or not but I am not happy with the way BJP Leaders have behaved in Samajwaadi & treacherous way whenever they got power in U.P

If Stalin in Russia could have “Gulaags”,Firing Squads for such Traitors, Modi ji must at least use “Chappal”  Thrashing for such Leaders !

U.P expects BJP to give Lord Ram’s Kick,

If we give, No Body can come even Close to us e.g (73/80) seats in 2014. If we don’t give Lord Ram’s Kick , People Punish us Hard !

In 1990s when BJP used to give Lord Ram Kick to U.P, we used to Win 60+ seats !

Samajwaadis max score till date is 32 seats. We used to Win even more seats when Ram-Temple was not an issue e.g 1998

Now till 2022 BJP has to give “Kevat” Kick to Poor,

i.e Give something, however small from your own Money, When you yourself are in Pain,Poverty .

Like Lord Ram gave “Kevat” his Ring for his small Service, when he himself was Penny-less !

U.P & Bihar Masses want this “Kevat” Kick

Cheapo Samajwaadis can never give it. People know it, but when BJP guys start acting like Samajwaadis on Tickets/Positions, it hurts them & they punish Hard !

Remember when Karna Protested that he was a Shudra , while Parshuram was cursing him, then Parshuram said , only a ” Kshatriya” can take pain while ignoring his own Pain

Also BJP must not be Ashamed of 4 Varna System…

Promoting Buddhist Mayawati, Ambedkarites were harming “Dharma”, 4 Varna System is the biggest truth for a big Population.

U.P Public expect BJP to defend like a “Kshatriya” ,else punish it !

So by 2022,BJP must groom,promote,train , Groom Shazia Ilimi as a “Brahmin”, Respected by all.

Create 20% Vote-base in Muslims, which will be like the Upper Caste in Muslims.

Rest 80% Muslims who will vote for SP/BSP/Congress will ask Reservations ! from BJP’s 20% Muslim Voters !

Inject 20% versus 80% in Muslims ! Sanatan 4 Varna System Comes naturally in huge population.

Make Indian Muslim Women Powerful instead of Mayawati or Sagarika/Barkha types.

Muslim Women will help you eliminating the Buddhist Leftist Cancer Harming India & “Dharma” since 2500 yrs .

Congress-Samajwaadis-Left etc are all Mutants of the same Buddhist Cancer ,but only Indian Muslim Women ! They have Hindutva Touch !

Rest e.g Pakistani Begums are just to soothe other body parts  given by God !

Also like Lord Krishna used Bheem’s Power to challenge “Adharmi” Jarasandh for ‘Mall-Yudh” & got him eliminated from Magadh without hurting the Masses .

A Strong Indian Muslim Women will do the same to the Arabs ?

U.P must be build into Trillion Dollar Economy

Trust Modi Govt to generate Jobs & Progress Uttar Pradesh to make it a trillion Dollar Economy !

U.P rising and Moving-On from Casteism, Kabeer ☺,Behenji,Lalla ji, petty smalltime Leadership is like a Sleeping Giant waking up ,

U.P will Disrupt from Korea to Indonesia including China -Japan

U.P has to make China Greater U.P

Jai Uttar Pradesh ! It will be Defence Hub & a Trillion Dollar Economy under Modi-Yogi combine.

Dont fall for Casteist Jokers or Media who make Flower showering on poor Kanwariys as biggest threat !.

U.P can absorb all the Tamil Brahmins,against whom the self proclaimed Atheists promoted Hatred and looted Real Estate even after their Death !

Nirmala is smart & loyal to her state? She sneaked 1 Defence Corridor for Tamil Nadu even when BJP got 0 seat there ! And she is not even MP there

Same Fire U.P must have ! World is Changing, Xi-Ping became Emoeror. China turning Hindu Rashtra after Crushing Jehadis & Church !I

ndia has luckily Crushed Maoism both ideologically & militarily, If Maoism is defeated, Xi-Ping will turn Strong, and China will be Hindu-Rashtra !

At this spot U.P has to Step-Up, Make China Greater U.P ! It cant end satisfying Fantacies of Gandhians,Behen ji,Lalla ji,Media etc,etc

U.P reviving all Chandamama stories

Jai Uttar Pradesh ! Modi ji gave such good Railway Station to Varanasi.

Whatever U.P will do will be world class. U.P will disrupt World Politically,Religiously, Scientifically with its “Jugaad” Skils.

If you see post Lord Krishna, U.P was Sleeping mostly. “Discovery of India” writers stuck to it like Pests. A Backward,Casteist U.P was their fantacy. Mosi ji has awaken a Giant.

Govt must give “Shoot at Sight” order for such miscreants to RPF.

Few people just cant see anything good happening to Uttar Pradesh ,as their all “Discovery of India” Fantasies will be nullified.

U.P is waking up like a Giant after 5000 yrs of sleeping, its like a mega “Yajna”, will disrupt the World.

Great…Nitin Gadkari is like modern Bhaghirath. Modi ji is making all “Chandamama” stories come true.

Rajkapoor’s soul must be happy. He was a real Patriot and Sanghi and probably hated his own whole Clan 

Understand his pain, he cant abuse the ultra secular Nehruvian Bollywood or Congress. 
So he made ” Ram Teri Ganga Maili” against Congressis(Soft Hindutva) !

Only if Rajkapoor was alive and have seen the BJP Online Warriors,Modi ji and Clean Ganga !