Bhojpuri Film Industry Negates the Aryan-Dravidian Divide Theory !

My Housekeeper making me see lot of Bhojpuri Movies,they have now became like Southern Movies !

But Bhojpuri Actors are much poorer than their Southern Counterparts ,despite having bigger audience, coz of Hindi Movies !

One day Eastern U.P, Bihar Leaders will oppose Hindi too like South !

Congress & Leftists are instigating Aryan-Dravidian Divide by Movies/Fake Researches , Not noticing a “Silent-Bloodless-Revolution”.
New generation Bhojpuri Heroes have started looking like Telugu Heroes !. Also lot of Telugu movies dubbed in Bhojpuri !

Bhojpuri Actress

Aryan-Dravidian divide doesn’t matters in Heroine Choices..Both Bhojpuri & Tamil/Telugu Heroines look same Size wise !
It’s difficult for 2nd generation, wealthy migrant Mumbai girls to act as ‘Down-Market’ Bhojpuri heroines !
But Bhojpuri Heroes will always remain ‘Down-Market’, max they can become M.P or MLA..No respect like the Khans ! Or the South Heroes !
But what pains is that even after SP/BSP/RJD/JUD, Communists  etc,etc dominating politics for so long,
still the Main Villain remains a “Thakur” !  now as a “Thekedaar” ! A real compliment or the usual “Nehruvian-Failure” like many others ?