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Hindutva is the most abused Word in modern times. The way Media, Gandhian philosphy based parties have Painted it to be only Hatred for others, removing all the positive Connotations with it.

Hindutva is the Purification and Strengthening of Sanatan Dharma.. Reviving the Political Component of it. Effect of Buddhism has Weakened & Corrupted Sanatan Dharma to an irreversible point almost. De-Fanged of its Political component.

Hindutva is Lord Ram’s Ideology, which just Sticks to Path of Dharma, Hates only Evil and even bring Monkeys to Path of “Dharma” ..

Hindutva is Lord Ram's Ideology..
Hindutva is Lord Ram’s Ideology..

Our Attempt is to Revive the 4 Varna based Thought-Process of Sanatan Society once more.. It Touches all the Dimensions viz Social,Religious,Political & Business.

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